Family Management 101

I kinda can’t believe that I even have to write about this, but there is a disturbing new trend in fucking wedding la la land that is really bothering me. This message is for you, bridey… Tell your family that they don’t belong at your engagement! Tell them to stop. Right now. Because it is not appropriate for them to be there the MOMENT you get engaged. Literally. The moment. ‘Cause when your man builds up the courage to ask for your hand in marriage, it should not turn into an open forum for your family to take over, and invite themselves to a very personal moment in your life. Seriously. Depending on the type of man your future husband is, he may have a difficult time saying no to his future in-laws, so it’s up to YOU to make sure he isn’t in this position in the first place.

Ladies, it’s not like I’m talking about a classy dinner at some lovely restaurant where both sets of parents “happen” to be there after the question has been asked. I’m talking about the families running to you immediately following the “pop”. Really? I mean, you have no idea how many emotions are going to be running through your head. Some of you may be completely clueless or some of your may have known, but either way, it’s extremely overwhelming whether you know or not. And as much as you love your fam, wouldn’t you rather call? 

Listen, I know that as parents they don’t want to miss a moment in your beautiful life, but really, do they have be there when you get engaged? Shouldn’t that be something between the two of you? And as I mentioned on my post for OneWed today, while you may not be running to the sack to consummate your marriage the night of your wedding because you are fucking tired, 99% of you will DEFINITELY run to the sack to celebrate your engagement. And, do you really want your parents to know that you are getting it on with them in close proximity? 

So, brideys, it is up to you to put a stop to this trend. Stop it before it starts. Talk to your parents or have your man talk to his, because no matter what, this is so not cool. They can be part of everything else relating to your wedding (and trust me, they will be whether you like it or not), but not this moment. Got it?


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