Let's Get Physical... Physical

I downloaded this picture before I wrote the story. I never do that, but I needed some direction and the beautiful, naked couple "doin' it" in the sand has given me exactly what I was looking for... A hard on... JUST KIDDING! But it does have me all fired up, and considering that I must have sex on the brain this week (boudoir post, "morning after" post on the Huffington Post Weddings...) I thought I should end it with a climax and go out with a bang (or maybe I just need one... OMG... SORRY DAD!)!

Yeah, I am being pretty vulgar right now, but not without cause. Because as a wedding planner you all know that I am basically a fucking therapist, so I hear all about your sex lives or lack thereof during our time together. And sadly, you guys are NOT hot like the naked couple in the sand... Quite the contrary actually. So, put your fucking phone down, read BB later and go crawl on top of your man. Seriously! Because you know that your sex life isn't going to get any easier, right? That it IS true what they say... You know, the longer you are married the more you have to work at it? Working being the sex... I know, right?! Who knew?

Life Fusion Photography, www.lifefusion.com

Well, everybody knows bridey. Everybody just accepts it because it's not an easy thing to admit or discuss. So I am discussing it. I am exposing it. Seriously, I need everybody to have some sex! Because I know you are busy with the wedding plans, and work and the blah blah blah, but really, how long does it really take to "get it on"? Really... No, I mean for real? Twenty minutes? Sometimes ten... sadly maybe even eight (sorry if this is you girls...), but regardless of how long the romp lasts, it still unites the two of you. It still bonds you two. It still brings you closer together. Yeah, that's the intimacy part... And it's an awesome way to reignite the spark.

One of my brides even said that she and her soon to be hus held hands more for the days after a good screw. In fact she went so far as to say that, "it's like we turned around the magnet... and now we are connected instead of pulling apart (due to the wedding planning)". Okay, quit gagging on the corniness of that statement and think about it... And when you're done thinking about it... go "do it".

Got it? Good! Now go get your your "groove" on and stay bitchless!