To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir... IS There a Question?

I love a sexy boudoir photo shoot. A well-done boudoir shoot... Because when they are done poorly, man they just look trashy; however if you are lucky enough to find yourself a fantastic photographer, then I feel strongly that these pictures are powerful enough to contribute to the foundation of your marriage. HUH? What the fuck BB? The foundation of my marriage… What are you talking about? 

Well, bridey, there has been a lot of controversy about these pictures due to the scantly clad nature of the layout (so to speak), but if you think about it, it’s probably one of the most erotically stimulating and sexy gestures a girl can do for not only her fiancé, but herself too. You’d be amazed at how self confident and sensual you feel during this photo session regardless of your size; no matter how big or little your boobs are and if you rock a great ass or not… And frankly when life happens, and things get tough during your marriage (because they will), sometimes all it takes is a glance at these photographs to remind yourself and the collective “you” that you had “it” once, and can easily get “it” back.

And for all of the haters out there who think these photographs are whorish and dirty, you know what? Fuck you. You don’t know what you’re missing. Go scare yourself. Try it, whether you're getting married or not and then, if you still think they are whorish and dirty we can talk, but please don’t offer your opinion unless you’ve experienced it. Because it’s very easy to judge without knowing, and to disregard something fabulous because you are afraid of it.

Now, go explore the eye candy from BB's totally amazing photographers, and then tell me how you feel about boudoir photographs. 

Thank you to my fabulous contributing photographers! Photo credits:

Emerald City Boudoir,

Life Fusion Photography,

Sarah Holder Photography, L.C., 

Tammy Nguyen-Le, Kissed by Tammy,