Real Wedding Wednesday... Truly A Blushing Bride

I am so thrilled to present this wedding to you brideys! Not only are the photographs fantastic, but the bride and groom are super cool! I love their story, and I love how the bride was able to completely depend on her groom to get shit done for the wedding when she was busy dealing with a crazy work schedule. If that's not a sign of a stong relationship, then I don't know what is!

Um, all I have to say is wait until you read question number 7! I asked Rory, the bride, if anything went wrong (that she was aware of) at the wedding, and I, me, Bitchless Bride, the honest chick with a trash mouth, BLUSHED as I read her response!!! Let's just say that when a priest uses the word, "penetration" during the ceremony, it gets awkward! I can only imagine how it felt for the bride and groom (not to mention all of the guests!). 

You all know that I am a sucker for cotton candy, and I am so impressed with the bride and groom for having some fabulously, sticky yumminess prepared to order at their wedding! So... please sit back and enjoy the story and the beautiful pictures and VIDEO! Yup! There's a lovely video for you to watch too! 

1. Bridey, how did you meet your spouse? (The short and sweet version please.)

We met my freshman year of college almost 20 years ago. He was a sophomore. We ran in the same circles, but never dated. There was always an attraction, however, and we managed to keep in touch over the years and through different cities and other relationships.

2. How long were you together before you were engaged? 

We got together New Year’s Eve 2008 and we got engaged three years later.

3. What was the length of time between the engagement and the wedding?

About 8 months.

Rory + Corey Wedding Highlight from Sugar Farm Productions on Vimeo.

4. Where did your wedding take place? (venue, city and state) 

The wedding took place in Emmitsburg, MD at St. Anthony Shrine. We held the reception across the border in the Pennsylvania countryside at my husband’s parents’ property on the Conewago Creek in New Oxford, Pennsylvania. We hosted an outdoor reception with a tent on the lawn at the height of summer.

5. If you had to rate your wedding planning experience on a scale of one to ten with one being shitty, and ten being awesome, how would you rate it? 

I would say about an 8. . . I had a great time, but it came at a very stressful point in my career.

6. What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process? Least fave?

My favorite was creating a binder full of inspiration tears from magazines and online research, picking the color palette and the overall theme, which for us was “The Gilded Garden-Party”. I would say my least favorite was budgeting. I have champagne taste and we were paying for most of the wedding ourselves. . . I really wanted to serve great food and wine. In the end I was able to do so with some really great (friend) connections! As for décor, I was able to rely on the natural setting. . . All the greens of the lush countryside. . . it was so beautiful.

7. Did anything go wrong (that you were aware of) at your wedding? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Allow us to learn from you, bridey! 

There were a few glitches, actually. The one that bugs me the most was that the bridal salon left one of the under bustle points on the dress bustled when I picked it up. I didn’t catch it when I put it on the day of the wedding and wore it that way for the whole ceremony and for most of the pictures. I was wondering why the train didn’t trail as dramatically as I remembered! Perhaps only I can tell, but the dress seems a bit wonky in the back in some of my photos.

The other issue was the priest. From what I understand, he was filling in at the parish where we held the wedding. He is a theology professor at the seminary and is more accustomed to dealing with studious priests-in-training than a wedding congregation. He gave a rather esoteric homily detailing the symbolism of the wedding readings that got, er, a bit R-rated. He frequently used the phrase “erotic love” and even used the term “triple-penetration”! You should have seen my great-aunt’s face... I was truly a “blushing bride”!!

8. What was the biggest challenge you faced from the moment you were engaged to the day you walked down the aisle? 

I had huge time constraints. I work in fashion in New York City and both of my bosses quit the same week leaving me over three departments by myself for most of the time that I was planning the wedding. I had zero time and hardly any energy at the end of the day. It forced me to be a weekend warrior wedding planner and also delegate a lot to my fiancé----who did an amazing job!!

9. What advice do you wish you had before started planning your wedding? 

Let things happen organically. Don’t try to control everything. It will make for a more fun and less stressful time. Laugh at the things that go wrong.

10. Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

There are a few things:

1) I got nervous about the number of people in the bridal party and cut the number off and I really feel that one of my best girl friends definitely deserved to be in it.

2) I would have had the tent delivered to the property earlier to ensure that we had time to decorate it properly. I was forced to cut some corners as we were rushing around. I wasn’t really able to enjoy the rehearsal dinner because the flowers weren’t finished, lanterns not hung yet…, etc.

3) We didn’t have a definitive timeline for the reception and the only dance Corey and I had was the first dance... I would have liked to at least do a “last dance’!

4) We didn’t really eat! We had a cute sweetheart table and everything. We didn’t sit down once!! I would have made sure we scheduled some time in to at least have a small plate of food together before we went around and greeted guests. I think I ate one fish taco the whole day.

5) I wouldn’t have scheduled the wedding at noon. I’m not a morning person and I had to be up earlier than I wanted to start getting ready. There was also a ton of daylight left at the end of our reception and I think I would have liked the added romantic atmosphere of a hot summer night. . .but I guess you can’t have it all.

11. Bridey, please provide the most valuable lesson you learned while planning your wedding.

I know it sounds cliché, but “don’t sweat the small stuff”. . .It is not worth stressing out over the tiniest details. No one will notice anyway. I was blown away at how my family and friends rallied around us to make sure we had the wedding day of our dreams! I realized that the wedding is not just about us, the bride and the groom, but also the joining of our families and celebrating with our closest friends----they are the most important thing of all, not all the trivial details! 

Industry Folk (AKA Vendors):

Jewels: Roisin, Bride's jewelry line! She made all of the leather cuffs that the bridemaids wore and her hairpiece!
Engagement Ring: Dana Walden Jewelry
Venue: Husband’s parents’ property on the Conewago Creek in New Oxford, Pennsylvania
Catering: Cinagro Catering, Chef John Luckenbaugh
Cake: Sheila Luckenbaugh of Cinagro Catering
Florist: Aunt of the Bride
DJ: DJ Rob Folly and DJ Jay , Friends of the Bride
Tent Rental: Tents for You, Hanover, PA