Happy Wife, Happy Life… Really?

Doesn’t the phrase “happy wife, happy life” seem a bit archaic to you? Perhaps a bit chauvinistic? It’s like this phrase single-handedly justifies a certain crop of women to behave badly. It’s like; “Uh-oh husbands… if your wife is a miserable bitch then you will be too, so you better keep her happy at all costs.” And you know what? You probably will be a miserable husband if your wife is miserable, but it’s not your fault. Well, it’s not all your fault. It’s only your fault if you enable your wife’s bad behavior, and buy into the bullshit that she’s the only one who gets to be happy in your marriage.

Let me share something with you groomy… You both get to be happy, and if you believe otherwise, then you are contributing to the bridey-bitch-monster that we, the wedding industry, have had a gigantic hand in creating. Because, let me assure you, that that’s where it all begins… It starts with us… during the wedding planning. The minute we (the wedding industry) allow these brideys to get away with their shit behavior is the minute that you are expected to follow suit. And it needs to stop! 

C’mon BB, have a sense of humor… It’s just a funny saying. Stupid, but funny… No, it’s really not. We are all enablers (sadly, I am no exception). Remember my Bridaldemia article on HuffPost? I swear it’s like something changes for certain women the minute they get engaged. It’s like their new bling becomes a key to the “Phoenix” club of brides. Except this club isn’t for the well educated, well bred, and beautiful. Quite the opposite actually... This club is for the self-aggrandizing, self-centered and self-indulgent bride. I mean, I heard this phrase two times yesterday within an hour (granted, I was watching a few horribly addicting, completely exaggerated wedding shows… It’s like BB’s version of watching football. No really, I watch this garbage and scream at the TV like most people do as they watch a game. Seriously, I might as well have a Budweiser in one hand and a fist full of fucking nachos in the other!).

So, for all of you recently engaged brideys, don’t buy into the bullshit! Here’s my Dr. Phill version of this awful phrase: Happy couple, happy marriage. Bridey, if you start by out by being respectful and kind as you plan your wedding, you’ll find that it will carry over to all aspects of your life, and not only will you will get so much more out not only your planning experience, but your marriage too… Practice makes perfect. Got it? So stay BITCHLESS!