The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

You know that phrase, champagne taste on a beer budget? Well, I'm working with one of "those" brideys right now. This bride is actually quite lovely. No, really, she is. But we keep running into the same problem over and over again, and frankly, it's exhausting. Any idea what I am referring to? Yeah, her budget vs. her taste!

So, every year, I take on a client at a massive discount, or for free because I am wonderful (look at BB being all giving...). But, seriously, I do, and I do it because I know they need my help, and usually they are a friend of mine, or they are a friend of a friend who really needs some wedding planning direction. Which brings me to my champagne bride. Again... she is lovely, but I swear that I am about two shakes away from drop kicking her ass out of sheer frustration. True story. As I mentioned, she has exquisite taste, but does not have the funding to back up her desires; something I'm used to dealing with on occasion, but it's still tiring nonetheless.

Well, without naming names or the names of venues, let's just say that her wedding is at a nice place, but it ain't no Ritz or Four Seasons. Still awesome, but it rocks a completely different vibe, and has a completely different style of service. But, my client? She obsessively emails her contacts at the property (I am cc'ed on each jaw dropping email), and yes, I said CONTACTS... with little, nit picky items that don't exactly fit the feel of the venue. For instance, while the venue has incredible service (and is actually known for it) they don't wear white gloves during food service. And, no, the damn lights are not on in the guest rooms upon check-in for that "warm and inviting" feel. REALLY?

Listen, I GET IT! I too am a big fan of white glove food service at a wedding or a warm and inviting feel to a guest room when I check-in, but at some point it's only fair that this bridey recognize where she decided to get married. And it's not at a luxury property. Now, that's not to say that she should expect shitty service and a dirty guest room, but at her price point, it's almost not fair for her hold on to these expectations, because at a luxury property these niceties are actually built into their prices... Their food prices, their guest room prices, etc. all built in. See what I mean? This bridey will get exactly what she paid for, but just with a different feel. 

So, brideys, cut the shit. Okay? If you can afford a luxury hotel or resort, then sure, your expectations should be high. But, if you only afford a lovely, mid-level venue, then you must match your budget to your expecations. Got it?

Image via Orlando Weekly