Super Stylish Sunday ~ Color Me Mine

Happy Easter! I purposely decided not to do anything Easter related because by the end of the holiday, you're gonna be totally Eastered out, totally sick of candy (well, maybe...), eggs, ham and even Easter eye candy! So, I thought I'd give you straight eye candy instead... And what I am showing you today is super stylish and such a bloody fantastic idea for engagement shoot, that I just about fell over when I saw the pictures!

If you look on my about page, you'll see that I love to photograph graffiti, so in my humble opinion, this engagement shoot not only encompasses a colorfully phenomenal backdrop for a photo shoot, but then... THEY PAINT EACH OTHER! Holy shit! Right? I mean, obviously I'm guessing that the dress the bride is wearing in the photographs isn't her actual wedding dress, but perhaps it's similar or perhaps it's completely different. But, who cares!! It's fabulous! I mean, imagine these pics hanging in your home? So not traditional... so not expected... and SO not boring! 

Brideys, if you're looking for a fun way to play during your engagement shoot, this is it! Go ahead... try something outside of your norm. Get comfortable being uncomfortable! The pictures are completely worth it!

So... they started off all lovey dovey with beautiful black and white photographs in front of a lovely backdrop. Holding hands, a lovely snuggle and then....

BAM! Oh... What do we have here? Some cans of paint? How awesome is that!?

Look at their faces! Through their smiles I can see the desire. Ewww... Not THAT kind of desire, the desire to have their way with their paint brushes! 

You know that the groom was totally like, "Um, what if I get it on your dress?" RIGHT? He did a swipe on her face, a swipe on her chest; very careful not to get any on that white wedding dress! And, if I were a betting woman (um, duh), I'd imagine that there is a photograph (that wasn't shared with BB) of the groom asking what the fuck he's supposed to do about the dress and the paint! You know I'm right, bridey!

So, clearly he got his answer! Her dress is covered in paint! I imagine the bride said, "Oh yeah, I got this dress at a second hand store specifically for our engagement shoot. Have at it! Come and get me!

So cute...

And I love how the shoot progressed... Right? I mean, she probably said, "I have an idea! Let's go run in the fields covered in splatter paint!"

See how they are holding each other? They could be standing at the altar right now... Can't you picture it?

And, I see the first dance right here! Damn, I love this shoot! It's just cool and so well done.

Bridey, what do you think? Would you ever break out of the mold and try something totally different for your engagement shoot?


Photographer: Lora Ann Photography