The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ When the Event Planner Quits

Sooooo... I almost hesitated writing about this because it's not always a guarantee, but if you've chosen your venue wisely, then frankly, bridey, you need to chill the fuck out. What is "it"? Well, if you're not down with the ins and outs of "the industry", then it can be pretty shocking and upsetting for you, bridey, if the assigned event planner (at the venue where you are getting married) gives notice. Scary, huh? Well, it doesn't have to be...

Some brides have told me that when "their person" leaves, they feel, "completely let down" and now "they can't be sure of anything". I mean, a little bit dramatic, right? RIGHT! Bridey, you KNOW that the decision to leave a job is a very personal one, regardless of the industry and no matter the position. And we all know that staying in a job that you either don't love or have simply outgrown can be toxic... for everybody.

But, in this case, I really need you to step off of your bridal soapbox and recognize that "your" event planner (at the venue) is not deciding to leave YOU, they are deciding to leave the property. And while it can feel very personal (to you), it actually has nothing to do with you or your wedding. It may feel that way, but truly, it's just business (sorry, I hate that phrase too, but in this case, it's true).

Here's where my hesitation comes in... MOST venues (high end and otherwise) have a backup plan. They have other managers/event planners on their staff that are perfectly capable of stepping in and moving forward with your wedding plans. Brideys, this is an industry notorious for turn over; a well-known fact noted by upper management. So, if the person assigned to you by the venue, gives notice, it's up to the venue to make it right. And they will, but you must give them time to find their balance; to get both feet on the ground. They will take care of you, bridey, but you must give them time.

However, if your wedding is in the immediate future, and you are nervous about the transition to a new manager you have a few options. First of all, consider hiring a last minute planner to help put the pieces back together. I don't love "day of" or "month of" planning personally, but there are plenty of planners who thrive on that shit, so go find them. Next, arrange a meeting with the new event planner assigned to your wedding, and compare notes. And listen, bridey, I know that bringing your new event planner (at the venue) up to speed can be a bit annoying, but it's important. And honestly, you have to take responsibility for your wedding too... Right? So, get over it, and don’t get in your own way.

So, the truth here? Don't freak the fuck out! Okay, shit is going to happen on the road to your wedding, but as I've been preaching since BB's inception, it's all about how you handle it that counts! Got it?

Photo Cred: {The Business Coach for Moms}