Fantasy Friday ~ A "Trashy" Engagement Shoot

I couldn't resist. I just had to share an engagement shoot that was not only super distinct and off the cuff, but so cool and so fun that I wish I could have been there. Well, maybe not rolling around on the bed with the bride and groom, but definitely in the vicinity!

From the photographer, Jessica Olivero: Nikki and Michael are getting married in next year in New Jersey, and they wanted an engagement session that went against the grain as well as fit who they are as a couple. Michael is a DJ + both he + Nicki are total music junkies. We rented a low key hotel room + "trashed" it with bottles, records, clothes + lots of other rad things.

I LOVE how raw this session the morning after a crazy party.

I love all of the "trash" in this shoot!!! Every time I see a cool engagement shoot like this one, I wish I could rewind, grab a cool photog friend and the hus and get snappin'!

The BEST album cover ever!
YES! Who said that you had to quit jumping on the bed after kindergarten? I love the flying feathers, the ceiling smacking and the giant grins on both of their faces! Fucking fantastic!

Awwwww.... A few feathery smooches....

I kinda love this... Nothing like being in a "tent" with your fiancé!

Teeny tiny bath tub. 

Lights out!! Think that's our cue... 

Thank you Jessica Oh Photography for submitting this FAB engagement shoot!