Manic Monday ~ Light it Up, Brideys!!

~ This is a sponsored post ~

That sweet table looks damn good, right? Beautiful wedding cake, kick ass cupcakes, awesome rock candy (I'm like a little obsessed with rock candy...) and overall, it's just a lovely table. But, you know why it looks that fantastic? It's called LIGHTING, brideys. I've said it a million times... Lighting has the power to completely change your wedding! It has the power to change the mood of your wedding, and honestly? It can effect how your guests feel at your wedding. Don't believe me? Allow me to explain.

Brideys, you are drawn to this table not only because of the delicious confections, but because of the pink up lights and the blue hues. Would you still grab a cupcake (and some rock candy)? Sure. But, you might not have even seen the table if not for the lighting. And you know what? You CAN afford it. Lighting doesn't have to break the bank, and if you're more of DIY kind of girl? Even better!

Check it out! Look up. See that? That's a before photograph. Vast open space, white walls, and white floors. To me, this space is a blank canvas. I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to blow your guests away with creativity and ambiance. But, it's probably giving you heart palps, right? Seriously, does this picture scare you? It shouldn't! Quite the contrary actually... It should speak to you! You need to adjust your thinking and see it as a way to save a shitload of money by lighting it up! Look down...

I mean... Stunning, right? Yes, the hanging lanterns are cool, but the room itself is completely mind blowing because of the purple glow, and the amazingly lit head table. The rest? Well, it's gravy.

As you know, I am SO not a DIY kind of person (or wedding planner), but this is barely DIY, which is obviously very appealing to me, and to those of us who want to save money, but don't want to have to do a lot of work to get what we want. It's simple, and outside of a few directions, it's completely doable. 

If you're wondering where to get these, I am about to tell you, so slow your roll, brideys... The site? It's called They ship all over the country (USA), it's all done online (because who really wants to talk to anybody anymore?), and it's super fucking cheap, but the product? Not cheap. Just awesome! And easy...

Brideys, to me... Lighting for your wedding is just as important as flowers on your tables or FAB entertainment. All you have to do is look up to see that... Remember, you're setting the tone or the mood for your guests. I mean, how cool is it that YOU have control over how your guests feel? Right? So, you know what? Make sure they feel awesome! Got it?

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