The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ When the Pinning Starts to Hurt

Okay... I'll admit, my name is Bitchless Bride, and I'm a Pinterest-aholic. I love all of the pretty pictures. I love it when people repin my pins (like this one... or this one...). I love being able to find amazing photographs and then use them as a way to describe an idea I'm working on. But, there is one thing I'm getting awfully tied of... Super fucking high expectations BECAUSE of what you see on Pinterest

Bridey, 90% of those beautiful images? They're not cheap. In fact, if I had to guess, I would say that most of those stunning "pins" via some of our favorite famous wedding planners? Well, I'm thinking that their client base is in the top 1%... And shame on us, the vendors, for misleading you into thinking that you can afford all of the pretty little weddingy things... Seriously, maybe we need to start labeling our pins with price tags. Right? How genius would that be? I mean... It would be just like searching MLS for a new condo or house... Wait a minute. What the fuck are you talking about BB? 

What I'm saying is that if you researched your wedding the same way you search for a home, BY PRICE, then you'd never go out of range because, those pretty little chandeliers above each fucking table? Well, those fuckers wouldn't even show up during your search because they are out of your price range. See what I mean? You'd only see what you could afford instead of everything all at once; most of which is most likely out of your league. Ouch! There's no need for the pinning to hurt...

You see, right now, bridey? You're drinking the delicious Pinterest Kool Aid... It's tasty and sweet, and oh so refreshing. You're getting married, bridey, and pinning your heart out night after night! Right? Because on Pinterest you can find it all! One stop shopping. You can find the right venue, the right decor, the right food, etc. It's absolutely incredible! But, that Kool Aid gets harder and harder to swallow when you begin digesting the price tags associated with your pretty pins. Sound familiar? Yeah... Spit out that fucking Kool Aid!

My advice? Take it easy, bridey. Slow you're roll. Do some your research using other avenues that you know you can afford, so that your wedding planning process doesn't feel like a constant series of let downs... Recognize that while you might find it all on Pinterest, odds are? You can only afford to have some of it... Got it? 

What do you think about the images on Pinterest? Helpful or hurtful?

Image via Digital Trends