The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ I Wish I Was Still on Vacation

I wish I was still on vacation. I wish I still had a cold drink in my hand, and the smell of sunscreen soaking into my skin. Ahhhh... You feel that? Who's with me? Right? Ugh. And then reality hits... HARD. Instead of sipping that delicious cocktail, I'm sitting in front of my computer wishing the first email I came back to was telling me how wonderful I have been to work with, not "Now that you're back from your trip, there is a lot we need to discuss..." Fuck me... C'mon...

The truth, bridey? I didn't miss you. Not. One. Bit. Because I was busy taking care of myself (for a change); my needs. I was planning what I was going to do the next day, not obsessing about the intricacies of how many steps it is from the top of the aisle to the altar or if, "it'll look weird if I wear my wedding band on my right hand before we exchange vows." Really?

I hadn't taken time off in too long (totally my own fault), and to be quite honest I should of taken more time, but when the cat's away the pretty little mice will play... Yeah, that's when you bridey bitches start coming up with some seriously insane ideas, and begin "researching" on your own. If mama is gone too long, then I run the risk of you, bridey, undoing all of our perfectly aligned plans with some scary shit you came up with on your own. So, I'd rather avoid all of that, and sacrifice MY vacation time so that life is a tad bit easier when I get back to my desk.

Do I sound a little bitter? Well, I am, bridey. Because none of us like coming back from vacation. We all dread the overflowing inbox, voice mails and annoying bullshit. It's hard to get back into the swing of being needed constantly and consistently; sifting through the crap as we try to extract what's important. But, when I get there and strip away the crazy layers, diving head first into the details of your wedding day, I remember one thing... I work because I love this shit.

Image via Designspiration