The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Woe is B...

The truth today, bridey? I'm fucking tired. I'm fucking over it. I'm fucking done. Seriously, you know that feeling when you just want the world to freeze for a little while just so you can catch up on your life? So, that you can have everybody leave you the fuck alone for like one second, and give you some space? Yeah, that's where I'm at right now. I'm spent, and I really need to get my shit together, because I've got a busy wedding season coming up, and I'm already exhausted. 
So, here's what I'm gonna do, I'm going to educate you the best way I know how... Through experience... Here are a few simple reminders about common decency while planning your wedding:

1. First of all, go read the vendor vent from the fussy florist. It'll teach you that we are all fighting a battle, and no matter how much time and money goes into your planning, many of us go well beyond the call of duty to make sure you're happy.

2. Be nice. Even if it's through clenched teeth. Be fucking nice. To everybody involved in your wedding planning. Enough of the entitled bullshit.

3. Recognize that your vendors are on your side. Don't tell them how to do their jobs, don't attempt to micro manage their efforts, and certainly don't rock an attitude. Seriously, stay Bitchless! I mean it!

4. Communicate. Communicate with your sig other, communicate with your bridesmaids, communicate with folks. But, just do it bridey! Because, as much as they love you, your parents and pals cannot read your mind. Tell them what you need from them. Express yourself, bridey! It'll save everybody a ton of trouble if you are clear from the beginning, regarding their responsibilities and your wedding.

5. Chill the fuck out. Seriously, go workout, do yoga, meditate, smoke a cigarette or have a drink (or all of the above), but most of all, just do it! While your wedding is certainly an important (and expensive) day in the big picture, there is life beyond the lines...

Phew... I feel better. But, I'm drunk. Just kidding! No, but really, writing this definitely made me feel better (for the time being). Hopefully, you feel better too!

Image from DreamingUpLife via Deviant Art