Fantasy Friday ~ A Cultural, Romantic and Playful Engagement Session All in One

So, bridey, there are like three scenes in this engagement shoot, and I love each and every one of them! It's a cultural, romantic and playful session all wrapped into one. Lately, I've been pretty obsessed with not having a boring engagement shoot, and Namrata and Jason totally succeeded in avoiding the mundane! As you enjoy the pretty pics, I'll let Namrata take it away and tell you about how she and Jason got together.

From the bride: We met on; he sent me a cute message on if I had my pumpkin carved since it was around Halloween. It took a month of messaging back and forth and then I finally meet Jason in person at lemon bar in Atlantic beach.

Namrata, you are completely stunning! Lovin' the scenery...This is a steamy pic!Stunning...I'm sorry, but this is insanely sexy!From the bride: Fast Forward two years- he suggested we look for shells on the beach one cold Saturday morning. So we went to the beach. Once we arrived there, we looked for shells. While I was looking for shells, I randomly saw a bottle with something in it. It was a letter! 
From the bride: As I took the letter out of the bottle I ripped it :/. As I read the love letter I realized it was for me! I looked down and there was Jason on one knee with the song “Marry Me” playing in the background. I said YES of course! We celebrated on the beach with a bottle of champagne he brought in a backpack and the rest is history!”
Total side note, but I love the colors they chose to splatter each other with, right??!!Well done, Namrata and Jason, well done!

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Photographer: Tonya Beaver Photography