The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Tipping... Honestly? It's Always Expected and Always Appreciated

As I come off of my high from the weekend filled with super successful events, I am even more elated because this girl is on her way to go get herself some absolutely not needed new shoes. Why? Well, because first of all, I am awesome, but more importantly because I got a fat tip from one of my clients. Did I expect it? Sure did. But, even though I expected a tip doesn't always mean that'll I receive one, regardless of how much my client "loves me, and couldn't get through it without me." Call me an asshole, but it's true. I expected and this time I received. 

Sounds terrible, right? Yeah, I know it does, but I also know that no matter how much time and energy I put into planning every wedding and event, I don't get paid nearly enough. None of your wedding vendors do, bridey. Because all of us are focused on staying competitive (with each other), even if it means taking a hit financially. And quite frankly, usually the breakdown in hours spent ensuring your wedding day is going to be fucking sensational, is about that of an hourly employee at McDonald's. Actually, I bet in some cases, they make more dough then we do. Because, never mind how much we charge, nine times out of ten you're always going to get more than you paid for... It's just the nature of the the industry. We say "yes" a hell of a lot more than any other industry.

Bridey, I have written quite a bit about tipping your wedding vendors, and have also had guest bloggers write about tipping your wedding vendors. Bottom line? TIP YOUR FUCKING WEDDING VENDORS. Build it into your budget. It doesn't have to be an enormous amount of money (my guest blogger had a client who was tight on cash make her cookies and gave her a gift card); just a token of your appreciation. Trust me... It will go a long way. All we want is to know that you acknowledge and respect the hard work we put into creating your perfect wedding day. 

Maybe it's just because I have been doing this a long time (perhaps too long...), but I am always so surprised at the innocence surrounding this topic. I mean... perhaps innocence is just a nice way of saying stupidity?? "I just didn't think of it." Or, "I already paid you, doesn't that include a tip?" Or, "You get paid from the company you work for (hotel or country club catering managers, band members, photo booth operators), so why do I need to tip you?" Okay. Okay. I kinda get it the mentality, but at the same time, bridey, if somebody does an amazing job for you (beyond anything that you could have imagined (which several clients have said to me)), then take care of them. Do something lovely for them because they deserve it.

Got it?

Image via Fabulous & Frugal