The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Five Habits of a Successful Bride

If you do a little browsing, bridey, you'll find that there is a ton of advice out there on pretty much anything you can plug into Google, Pinterest... you name it. Hell, yesterday I poached two perfect eggs in the microwave (in 75 seconds) because I searched "eggs" while procrastinating on Pinterest! And you know what? My eggs? Fucking awesome! Perfectly poached and delicious! But, when I searched "habits of successful brides" via Google? Nada. Zilch. Zero. Now, obviously I found a TON of articles on brides, weddings, bridesmaids, wedding shows, etc., but nothing that really satisfied my itch. So, what's a girl to do? Write it herself! I mean... I am a professional after all! So, bridey, based on my experience as a planner and recalling several of my "got their shit together brides", here's what I came up with... Ready?

Five Habits of a Successful Bride:

1. Become a time management guru. Start outlining "due by" dates. Set yourself up for success. Bridey, I hate to say this, but the second that rock landed on your finger, you became the proud owner of another full time job. And when you start a new job, it's important to begin with a bang! Right? So, take it on like one... Get organized and prove your worth! To yourself!!! Get your shit together, and the rest will fall into place!

2. Set a realistic budget. Seriously, you wouldn't buy a car or a house that you couldn't afford (because the banks wouldn't let you!), and this shouldn't be any different, bridey. Except this time, there isn't a bank standing in the way of your dream, squashing your credit score and preventing you from moving forward. Right? So proceed with caution. How much do you have to spend on your wedding? What's most important to you? Decor? Flowers? Food? Booze? Figure this piece out first and then work backwards. If food is super important to you, then set a lower budget for flowers and decor. Is music important to you? Then allocate a fair amount to the band/DJ. If you are on a tight budget, then I'm sorry to say, but you can't have it all, so plan accordingly.

3. Get in touch with your internal noise canceller. Remember, while weddings are a happy time in your life, all of the skeletons and bullshit that you thought was behind you, have a tendancy to rear it's ugly head. Honestly, you need to filter that shit, bridey. Filter out the noise. Filter out the negativity. And if necessary, talk to a therapist. Because, based on my experience, family dynamics are probably the biggest stressor for my clients. And you know what's crazy? 90% of the time, the worries that seem to take over your mind and seep into the planning, don't become a reality... But, the fear that there will be some hair pulling, fighting words uttered or a knockout on your wedding day can certainly weigh on you no matter how unrealistic. So, talk to somebody and get that noise canceller going...

4. Spreadsheets... Preparedness. A spreadsheet your realistic budget. A spreadsheet for the addresses of your guests. (PS- Format your addresses so that your invitation specialist doesn't want to slit her wrists! Uniformity is key! Think punctuation. Think capitalization. Think in general! And do yourself a favor... Number the RSVPs and record them numerically as you receive them...) That SAME spreadsheet can be used for breaking down the entree selection. For example: Mr. & Mrs. James Smith will attend and each will have the fish. At this point, bridey, you turn over the RSVP and see that the are #24. Simple. Plug it in to your spread sheet, and voila! Done! And this SAME spreadsheet can be used for assigning tables! Just add a column!! Easy peasy!

5. Focus on the prize. Can you say honeymoon? Palm trees. Delicious food and booze. Yeah... And just the two of you! No family! No stress! No limits!! Hooray! Right? Sounds pretty good to me! I feel like so many of my clients forget that there's a giant vacation at the end of the grueling wedding planning. Oh, and you know what else there is? Life with your hus... Seems pretty worth it to me...

Image via Wallpapers Galaxy