Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Jeannie & Glenn's Hip Hopalicious Wedding... Destination Hawaii

I threw it out there, brideys. I shook it up. I didn't ask for specifics, I asked for favorites... Yup! I asked your wedding photographers to submit their favorite weddings. Why? Why not ask for themes, colors or whatever? Well, because I am so fucking busy and crazy these days that I kinda needed to be reminded why I am in this coo coo industry in the first place! Seriously. My ass is getting kicked every weekend (I mean... I LOVE seeing the weddings come through to fruition, but MAN am I tired!!), and I feel myself starting to bust at the seams...

Sooooo, thank God for Rachel from Rachel Robertson Photography... She submitted this beautiful Hawaiian wedding, and when I saw the stunning details, deep jewel tones, and the fucking fabulous hip hop dance the B+G performed for their guests, suddenly, I was reminded that there are cool brides and grooms who just need a little friendly event planning help. Especially when the wedding is in Hawaii and you are in New York! Holy destination wedding! PLUS, Rachel mentioned that Jeannie and Glenn were two of the most hilarious and fun couples she had ever worked with, and when you see the photographs, you will see why! I already mentioned the hip hop dancing, but wait until you see Glenn undress Jeannie on the dance floor... OH YES HE DID!!!! 

Holy shit with the gorgeous flowers. Damn.
Definitely need to add these to my "Shoes I Want" board on Pinterest!!
Beach. Orchids. Altar. Amazing.
LOVE the program fans!!
Such a subtle, lovely shot...
WOW! Really pretty dresses and flowers!
I love Glenn!!!
The details and design of Jeannie and Glenn's wedding are absolutely impeccable!!
LOL!!! Great idea and cute note!
I think it's safe to say that they missed their dogs... 
Holy hula!!! (And I LOVE the white dance floor!) BTW... LOOK DOWN!!!
Hi... Glenn is unzipping the train off of her wedding dress to reveal her short dress! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
I love you Jeannie and Glenn!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Rachel Robertson Photography
Floral Designer: Flowergirlshawaii floral design
Event Venue: Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Inc
Makeup Artist: Leslie Fair & Co.
Event Designer: shari dang weddings

Submitted via Two Bright Lights