The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Don't Call me Until There's a Ring on it...

You know what makes me laugh and feel annoyedat the same time? When I meet with a potential client, gaze down at her ring finger, and notice that there is no sparkly rock shining up at me. I immediately think that this meeting is a giant waste of time. And you know what? So does everybody else in "the industry". Bridey, if you're not engaged yet, please don't call me. I know... I know... "It's going to happen soon; it's imminent." But, you all think that. You all think that he or she will pop the question over the next romantic dinner or stroll down the beach, and while you're probably not wrong that it will happen at some point, you're still wasting my time. Because it's not soon enough for me to take you seriously. So, bridey, until you get the rock, get off my clock!

Look, I know it feels like I'm being really mean, but allow me to shed some light on the situation from the perspective of your wedding vendors. We're busy with weddings or events every weekend, but we also know that securing future business needs to happen even when we don't have time to spare. So, when you, bridey, call us and inquire about our services, we put on a face, go into our spiel, and sell our souls to make you like us over the phone. Because that's what we do. And, if the phone call was a success, then an initial meeting is confirmed, and you've officially made onto our books. Score!! (A bit of a side note? Now I make it a point to weave the whole "how'd you get engaged" question into all initial phone calls so that I can avoid these situations...)

Fast forward to the meeting... You, bridey, are going on and on about what you want for your big day, and what you're looking for, and what you just have to have, and as you brush your hair away from your face, the wedding vendor sees your naked ring finger. And you know what happens next? Nothing. Nothing at all, because you just lost their attention and interest. You've been caught. And I can assure you that once you stop talking for like one second, the wedding vendor is going to chime in and ask you how you got engaged even if the timing doesn't quite fit the conversation. BOOM! All done.

Bridey, I'm not telling that you can't pin, pre-engagement or explore the wedding blogs (ahem... or else you wouldn't be here), because I am a firm believer in being prepared and knowing what you like (duh... I'm a planner, that's what I do...), but I am telling you that nobody will take you seriously as a possible client until that ring is on your finger. Because even if you will actually become engaged within the next few weeks, your vendors have all met with clients who have ruined their faith in meeting with "brides" before they are official. Sadly, I think it's safe to say that we all have met with a few girls who might have jumped the gun, and then didn't end up getting engaged.

So, the lesson here? Pin, appreciate and learn what you want for when you DO get engaged, but until then, please don't call me until there's a ring on it...

Image via Glamour