The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Five Truly Unique Ideas for Your Wedding... Go Ahead, Bridey (or Groomy), Dazzle Me!

So, the other day, a friend of mine showed me the most incredible wedding video. And it wasn't incredible because of some over the top, ridiculously gaudy bullshit or super lavish decor; it was incredible because it was unique and completely unexpected... for the bride and for the guests. What was it that has me so dazzled? Well, in the middle of the ceremony (right before saying "I do"), the adorable (and ballsy) groom broke out into song. Yup! This guy grabbed the mic from the officiant and started singing! And the coolest part? Well, let's just say that the groom wasn't the most talented singer I've ever heard. Honestly? I would say that his performance barely a step above karaoke, but that's not the point. The point is, he did something so fabulous, and so unexpected that nobody in attendance will ever forget it!

Oh, but it gets better, bridey! How? Well, about four or five of the guests stood up in their seats and sang with him. I mean, obviously this was planned, and probably practiced (did I mention the saxophone player?!), but what a fantastic surprise! Right? And the bride was absolutely floored! She just stood there watching with the most beautiful look on her face. Who knows? Perhaps she was horrified, but I have a hunch she was entranced and touched. Wouldn't you be?

Look, I'm not saying that you (or your groom) have to break out into song to have your wedding stand out from all of the others (although, it's a super awesome idea!); all I am saying is that if you are interested in doing something different, then it's time to color outside of the lines. Here are a five quick ideas to make your wedding a bit more unique:

1. Screw the classical music! Bridey, walk down the aisle to something fabulous... like a song with words! Stumped? Some of my faves are "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley or "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver (one of my favorite songs ever!) or the almost overdone, but still FAB "Marry Me" by Train.

2. Candy bouquets. Who said you need to walk down the aisle with flowers? Get whimsy! Grab a bunch of those twisty lollipops, tie them together and trot down the aisle!

3. Lose the traditional wedding food. Shock your guests and DON'T feed them chicken or beef. I mean, aren't we all a bit sick of fucking chicken and beef???!! I am! So, feed them tacos or kebabs or decadent mac & cheese! You know what? Fuck it! Have them cook it themselves too! Provide aprons and a pair of tongs, and go nuts! (Obviously, have a professional standing close by...)

4. Complement your wedding cake with an ice cream sundae bar! And go cray cray! Don't serve your cake tableside. Create a cake and ice cream station! Seriously, as you might recall from your childhood, cake and ice cream are a perfect match. Well, nothing has changed! And now that you're a bit older, you can have the suped up verison of a sundae bar. Rock it with tons of toppings (M&Ms, fudge, coconut, Graham Crackers, Reese's pieces, fluff, Oreos, brownies, cookies, etc...) and good ice cream. While there's nothing wrong with vanilla and chocolate, go for Chunky Monkey or Cookie Dough! All on top of your amazing wedding cake of course!

5. "Recovery" favors. Instead of a wedding favor which will get tossed or left behind, give your guests the gift that will keep on giving (well, for 24 hours anyway!). How about a little bag of recovery aides? Pack it full of Advil, chips, candy, Rolaids, hangover Alka Seltzer, and Gatorade.

Bridey, what are you going to do to dazzle me? Do you already have something FAB planned for your wedding? Please share with BB!!!!

Image via Ashley Williams