Fantasy Friday ~ A Great Gatsby Inspired, Dance Your Ass Off Kind of Wedding

Bridey, you know that saying, "Have fun, but not too much fun!"? Well, it's rare that I would use that to describe a wedding (sorry, but, the truth hurts), but, Regan and Troy's wedding? Well, I'm pretty sure the guests had a pile of fun, if not too much. Aside from the choreographed dancing, complete with costumes (Regan is a dance instructor), and the tons and tons of decorative sequins, I love that the B+G trusted their florist to take their Gatsby theme and run with it. Like, they gave him NO other details. They literally had know idea what to expect as they walked into the venue. True fucking story! WHOA!! And the florist? Well, he did not disappoint!

Seriously, can you imagine? It was just as much of a surprise to Regan and Troy as it was to everyone else! I mean.... Applause to the B+G! Bridey, I'm certainly not saying that you shouldn't have any input, but it is absolutely imperative to trust the vendors you hire, and that is exactly what Regan and Troy did! And, OMFG, just wait until you see the décor! A MAZ ING!! Enjoy! And don't forget to soak in each and every detail of this FAB wedding!!

This photograph makes my eyes well with tears.
So cool... 
Regan, you are stunning! And, I love the dark purple calla lilies!!
There's my city again... Sweet home Chicago!
I mean... The dresses and the sign are so FAB!!
Oh yeah!!!!
I have been pulled over more times that I should admit publicly, and looking at those GORGEOUS cars behind the signing book table, I feel my knees getting weak.
Check out the stacked cigar boxes in the middle of the escort card table! OMG!
Seriously, I want to roll around in all of the sequins! I LOVE the linen and the table numbers!
Right? Is this décor not sensational??? Sequins, feathers and flowers! OH MY!
Regan! I totally love your energy!!!
That's fucking HOT!!!
Um... Just a flash mob surprise from one of Regan's dance classes performing a unique dance for the B+G!
See what I mean? FUN! 
Regan. Troy. Next time I'm in Chicago, we're hanging out! THANK YOU for sharing your fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Michael Novo Photography
DJ: FAMOS DJ Entertainment
Floral Designer: gromeza floral design studio
Cinema & Video: Hart Productions
Event Planner: JPB Designs
Reception Venue: Ravenswood Event Center