An Old Hollywood Theater Wedding with a Hint of Killer Glam...

Bridey, I want you to imagine getting married in a cool ass club with some seriously FAB décor and lighting that will 100% set the mood. Can you picture it? Don't worry if you can't because all you have to do is scroll down, and take in all of the fucking awesome deets of Faye and Ricky's wedding. Not only did the B+G get married in a club, but they own it! OMG, right?! How dreamy is that? Besides the coolness factor, there are so many other elements to this wedding that make me seriously happy!

First of all, I am in love with the centerpieces. Like, serious LOVE. Partially because the of the deep red and black colors mixed with the film theme, but also because the flowers are minimal. Don't get me wrong, flowers are FAB, but I also love to see other creative components integrated into a beautiful centerpiece. And Faye and Ricky nailed it! Secondly, the cake and the cake cutting... Um, just scroll down. It's fantastic! And everything else in-between? Well thought out, and just plain old fun! Enjoy!! I totally did!

I am a tiny bit obsessed with Faye's almost lip color! OMFG!

Nice looking group! 

Love the ceremony! See how the lighting is already setting the tone for the wedding?

Faye, you look intensely beautiful!

So super romantic...

Loving the glamitude! 

Did you know that popcorn is probably one of my favorite foods ever? Well, besides cake and mac and cheese!

So awesome!

Get it girl! That's exactly what I would be doing! 

I love seeing people having fun at a wedding! Thank you Faye and Ricky for sharing your fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: MNA Photography
Florist: Festive Creations