A Frightening Bridal Party, a Trashed Wedding Dress, and Tons of Halloween Debauchery!

Before I even begin, let me first apologize for the quality of these pictures. I am responsible for taking some of these as are some of my non-photographer friends (ahem.... that's why you need a PROFESSIONAL photographer on your wedding day!!). They are gritty and messy, kinda like we were that night, but certainly funny and 100% real.

Also, for the first time in the history of Bitchless Bride, I am sharing pictures of myself, my friends and my hus. But, how could I not? I mean, I was wearing my wedding dress. Like, my real wedding dress from almost twelve years ago! The fit was a bit different (I could hardly zip the back!), but still managed to squeeze my ass into it with the help of my "bridesmaids".  I eloped, without time to get a real wedding dress, so it was actually a bridesmaid dress I bought at Nordstrom, but either way, the last time I wore it was on my actual wedding day. And, I trashed that motherfucker! Thank you to my friends for letting me share these photographs! We had a ball, and even at 39ish fucking years old, we still got it! Enjoy!

My friend and I used tattoos for the gashes, and ended up scaring ourselves trying to get that shit off! PS - I loved that headband veil I was wearing!

Such an awesome bullet wound here!!!


Bridey, you gotta have a photo booth at your wedding! We clearly had a lot of fun piling into this thing and photo bombing our friends! 

See what I mean? So fun!!

Blurry... But, then again... So was I... Seriously, my lips look all botoxy, but that's all me!

Hope you enjoyed browsing though our pics!!!