A 1950s Themed, Fun and Fabulous and Completely Rockin' Wedding

I love a wedding that breaks out of the "white" mold. I mean, I love a white wedding dress , but when I have the opportunity to share something a bit different with you, I kinda want to jump up and down. Seriously, just look at this pic, bridey. I am completely enamored with Mattie's red shoes, red gloves and the red trim of her wedding dress. You don't even have to see her face to know that she's awesome. Right? Mattie's fantastic taste coupled with Patrick's fucking awesome shoes have me really excited! And just wait until you see the bridesmaids dresses. OMG! So so so fun!

The B+G were set up by the bride's best friend, and from the moment they met, they were pretty much inseparable. Mattie fell in love with Patrick, and Patrick fell in love with her and her two kids. Within a year, M+P had a baby girl and got married...  Considering all of the crazy shit happening in the world right now, I do love a love story + a happy ending (in the non-dirty way). Enjoy this fun-filled, colorful 1950's wedding!

A great way to honor those we've lost...


Totally obsessed with those birdcage veils! And I love how Mattie is smooching her kids!

I love this pic!

See what I mean? Awesome bridesmaids dresses!

Awwwww.... Patrick! 

So sweet...


Just wait... It becomes fabulously uncivilized in one sec! Look down!

Great pic of the bride with her girls!

Thank you Mattie + Patrick for sharing your story and wedding with Bitchless Bride!

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Photographer: Tifanie Parry Photography