A Punk Rock, Celestial Themed, and Completely Kickass Styled Shoot

Ever have that feeling after seeing something or reading something that you are instantly cooler for having done so? Well, today is totally one of those days. Trust me, bridey, we are all now cooler for having seen this fucking awesome punk rock, celestial themed styled shoot. The FAB Creatrix Photography wanted to present a theme that brought together the elements of the world. I know, right? How fantastic is that? And, just wait until you see the deets! SO many ideas to incorporate into your wedding. Plus, the couple up there? Completely authentic and real (although, that's completely obvious, keep scrolling... Tons of passion!)... 

On a side note... The venue, Sekrit Theatre, has been under pressure from the city to adhere to their outrageous regulations, due to the venue being at his home. Beau, the owner, currently hosts weddings on a donation basis and gets all of the required permits. But, the city of Austin still wants a piece of the action. Plus, the poor guy is under contentious pressure from his neighbors because they don't want him inviting anyone to his home (WHHHAAAAA??!). Soooo.... Go read about it, and see let's give Beau some ROCKIN' press and tons of positive vibes. Enjoy the post, the FAB venue and the cool couple...

How amazing are those invitations?

OMG! Love it!!

WOW! That bouquet is phenomenal!! 

I'm a l'il obsessed with her hair... I mean.. FUCK, that's awesome!

See what I mean, bridey? We should all be so lucky to have some much chemistry!

What a fantastic venue! 

Ha! LOVE IT! And, then I love how she looks at her hus down below... 

For real? This is just so extraordinary! 

Um. Hi. YUM!

STFU! Amazing cake!

A GIANT thank you for sharing this fucking sensational, fantastic, outstanding styled shoot with Bitchless Bride. I love every.single.photograph.

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Creatrix Photography
Event Designer: 3 of Cups Events
Makeup Artist: Blush You, Inc. 
Cake Designer: Cakes ROCK
Hair Stylist: Haute Salon
Favors & Gifts: Maggie Louise Confections 
Jewelry: Psyche Jewelry 
Event Venue: Sektri Theater
Dress Store: Signature Bridal Salon
Invitation Designer: The Inviting Pear