Two Engaged Couples Planning a Joint Wedding? Sound Crazy? Think Again!!

Bridey, although I am asked quite frequently, I don't usually post/promote shit like this because oftentimes, I find TV shows in the wedding space to be a complete and utter abomination of an industry I love (and love to hate). Usually these shows are an over the top celebration of bad bridal behavior, and it pisses me off. But, this concept struck me. What if there are brides/couples out there looking to save some money, and have a joint wedding? OMG! How awesome is that? It's a fresh concept that doesn't damn the industry and celebrate shit behavior, but actually promotes saving money and having fun!

Sooooo... Here are the deets: They are looking for couples from all over the United States, and these couples can be best friends, relatives etc., gay, straight or whatever... But, they must be looking to join forces and join weddings. Oh! And the company behind this idea? An Emmy Award winning TV & Film Production Company based out of Los Angeles, CA. #Justsayin'

Bridey, if you're super FAB and looking to plan a joint wedding then email with the following info to be considered:
Full Names:
Relation to Each Other:
Recent Couple Photos:
Brief Description of Where You're at in the Planning Process:

Good luck! And, don't forget to keep me posted!