A Rock 'N Roll, Rustic and Gorgeous DIY Colorado Wedding

Brionne could totally be my best friend. Seriously, any bride who says that she wants her wedding to be, "rustic, but not played-out or cheesy, and it has to have a rock-n-roll vibe to it..." is my fucking hero! Right?? Anyway, she and her hus, Michael, met while country dancing, and wanted to express that though the venue. Brionne said that, "seeing how ‘rustic elegance’ is so hot in country weddings today, it was important to me to bring some rock 'n roll to this twangy nightmare that was on instant replay in everyone’s’ bridal portfolio." Damn girl. So so so true. It's time to spice it up!

Another reason why I want Brionne to be my bestie? Well, she's super cool, and is like a DIY goddess! Seriously! Brionne painted each centerpiece vase, chargers, hand stamped the burlap, and collected items for the arrangements, including dried and live flowers, feathers, and metallic accents. Talk about an overachiever! And, just wait until you see her wedding dress! She kinda made it... Well, she made it the way she wanted it! I really could go on and one... So, just go scroll and read more about B+M's day! Enjoy!

There is just so much to love about this picture... Right?

Brionne bought her dress from David’s Bridal only to shred to pieces and transform into her vision. She said that, “I didn’t have time with everything else to build a corset from the ground up, so I found that using a basic design, I could spend the time I needed on the cosmetic changes instead of a full build”. Her inspiration?  A $40,000.00 design   she admired in Grace Ormond Magazine. I mean... WOW! She said that, “I like the unconventional textures and a vintage/worn appearance, there is beauty in art that holds history and certain elegance in textiles that have imperfections”.

OMG. The nails. The rings. The tattoos! LOVE IT!

This moment will probably be one of her favorite memories from the day!

Brionne made the invitations in Photoshop, and then uploaded the complete design to Vistaprint. 

I love everything about this sign. And, you know what? That goes for us too. We've been unplugged. I don't have ceremony pics to share with you...

Oh Michael, I love how your imitating Brionne with your foot!

Remember, pretty much everything you see is DIY.

See that paper flower? Well, according to Brionne, “the best paper flowers were made by Michael. He totally shocked me with his paper flower skills. I mean, the guy is a Marine and sculpts a bad ass paper rose!"

Like... SO gorgeous!!! And delicious!

Hey! No peeking!!

Best.final.photograph.ever. Thank you for sharing your truly unique, truly fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer:  Photography by Jewels
Dress: David's Bridal
DJ: Elite DJ Entertainment
Reception Venue: The Barn at Raccoon Creek