A Stunningly Gorgeous, Beautifully Flawless, Colorful Indian Wedding

The pale color of Asna's nails against her STUN NING henna, the lavish saree, and all of glimmering jewels, makes me feel as though Asna just stepped out of Bollywood. Right? Seriously, she is just so glam that I can hardly take it! I mean... We can't even see all of her lovely face, and yet we just know that she is an exquisite woman. 

Anyway, I believe this shot was taken the day before she and Syed tied the knot. I love that they carved out some time to have together before the beautiful chaos of their wedding celebration began. I'll show you a few shots of them the day before, and then we'll move on to their FAB Indian wedding. Enjoy!

Lovin' the black sherwani!

I'm not going to lie... I definitely love me some gold, and the jewels above? SO SO SO awesome!

There really are no words for how glamorous Asna is... WOW! 

OMG. Those are some seriously beautiful feet. The henna, the nails, the glam! Oh my!

Great shot of the mojari shoes!

Syed! You look so handsome!

I always love seeing the B+G check each other out after the initial first look...

Amazing bouquet! I love how it's so beautifully clear against Asna's saree.

Wow! Check out all of those flowers! 

Syed, you look so incredibly happy! 

The d├ęcor is so beautiful and elegant!

I love the cascading flowers down the side of the wedding cake!

Thank you for sharing your super glamorous, and beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!

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Photographer: Olli Studio