Fantasy Friday ~ No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem... A Laid Back, Beautiful, Beach Wedding in Mexico

"No frills or fancy things." Said no bride ever... Right??? But, Samantha did!! I know, I love her already! She and Joaquin strayed from a traditional wedding reception and opted for a lovely, intimate dinner with friends and family to celebrate their nuptials. Once everybody filled their bellies with delicious food and drink, they moved the party to Gitano for some music and dancing. How fun is that?? As a couple who love to travel and drink amazing wine, sounds like the perfect evening! Oh, a cool l'il side note? Their wedding day was the anniversary of the day they met four years earlier. I mean... 

Samantha and Joaquin wanted a wedding that was casual and comfortable. As a couple who truly compliment each other, Joaquin is quite the joker, and Samantha is a bit more serious, their wedding captured who they are as a couple without the stress or bullshit of conventional wedding planning. And these two? Didn't grow up in Mexico... This was a destination wedding! Joaquin grew up in Milwaukee and Samantha grew up in a small town in Minnesota. Didn't see that coming, did you? Neither did I which totally makes me love them even more!! Such great inspiration in this beautiful wedding! Enjoy!

Holy shit would I love to be there RIGHT NOW!!! Looks beautiful!

Love this pic of Samantha!
TOTALLY obsessed with Samantha's dress. You look gorgeous!!!
Joaquin, you're looking quite dapper!
I could have designed this card myself... 
When you're getting married on the beach, shoes are definitely optional! Those anklets? Fantastic!!!
Hi. WOW.
Samantha, Joaquin. You're a damn sexy couple.
Seriously, all I see are the sparks flying!
Love. Love. Love.
A pre-cocktail, cocktail? Don't mind if I do!
The B+G are walking together down the aisle. How fucking awesome is that?!!!
Let's celebrate! Amazing photograph!
They way Samantha and Joaquin look at each other is really beautiful. I love the glimpse we are getting into their relationship.
An intimate dinner amongst close friends and family...
WOW! Thank you Samantha and Joaquin for sharing your utterly fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride! You're truly inspiring!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Quetzal Photo
Event Planner: Arlenis Ruiz Weddings & Romance
Floral Designer: Cherry Blossom
Officiant: Enrique Olivares
Dress Designer: Grace Loves Lace
Makeup Artist: Sarah Garnier
Other: L'fante Event Decor
Musicians: Laura A. Bergstein
Accomodations: Posada Margherita