A Laid-Back and Lavish Beach Party Wedding with the Coolest "Cake" I've Ever Seen!

Judging solely on the shoes, you can already tell that the B+G are pretty laid-back and pretty cool, right? Right! And, because we already know how cool these two are, I bet it wouldn't surprise you if I told you that Kimberly and Thomas' families are close friends, would it? Because, that's pretty fucking fabulous, right? Aaaaanddd.... as if that wasn't awesome enough, all the B+G really wanted on their wedding day was for their family and friends to have a good time; a big party! I mean... They even hired Mike Freas, the photographer, because, "...we really enjoyed your personality and we had a feeling that if you were just hanging at our wedding as 'a friend', that you would totally fit in."

It was a difficult task, but Kimberly and Thomas meticulously weeded their guest list down from 300 so that could have only their "closest people" attend the wedding. LOVE IT! Aside from their FAB story, there are some gorgeous deets to inspire you as you plan your own wedding, bridey. Oh! And, OMG... Just wait until you see their "cake"!! Enjoy!

STUNNING dress. It's even better on the bride!!

Love the shoes and the bouquet!

I love that the B+G invited the president to their wedding!!

Love the hair. Love the makeup. Love the bouquet. Obsessed with the dress.

That's "Pops", Thomas' father, and apparently, the life of the party.

I want to hug Thomas too!! Amazing reaction to seeing Kimberly!

So so so cute! Nice cleave too, Kimberly! You're 100% OWNING that wedding dress!Beautiful shot.

STFU with that dress!! I may be a l'il obsessed!

Such a lovely, passionate kiss!

How cool is this venue!!???

I love how Thomas rolled up his sleeves!


So, what do you think of the B+G's cake? HE'S ROLLING IT!!!! Look down!

Shut the FUCK up! That's gorgeous! That's amazing! That's all of my favorite adjectives combined!

Thank you Kimberly and Thomas for sharing your fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Foto By Freas

Caterer: Catered Affairs of Key West

Transportation: Conch Tour Train

Bakery: Cupcake Sushi

Floral Designer: Duarte Floral Design

Equipment Rentals: Eventfully Yours Rentals

Ceremony & Event Location: Fort Zachary State Park

Officiant: Rev. Steve Torrence

Hair & Makeup: Studio Marie-Pierre