A Lovely, Barn and Beautiful Country Wedding

Bridey, I am a city girl through and through, but sometimes when I daydream, I dream of a much simpler, much less complicated, country life (and sometimes I'm even wearing a cowboy hat! True story...). How is this relevant? Well, Chelsey and Heath? They had a wonderfully simple, so not complicated, barn and beautiful, country wedding. I swear, it's like my daydream, but in a wedding instead. And, I LOVE it! Seriously, I love everything about this wedding.

I cannot get enough of the amazing and exquisite altar (OMG! Wait until you see it!), some profoundly gorgeous bouquets and all of the small deets that add up to one captivating wedding. Not to mention that the wedding cake and the groom's cake make me super happy, and the last pic, although awesomely confusing, is really funny! Enjoy Chelsey and Heath's barn and beautiful country wedding!

Such a beautiful wedding dress! Look down for the whole view!


Awwwww.... So cute!! Their wedding day was full of little mementos (just like this one)...

Chelsey, you're really beautiful... And, I love your bouquet!


Great looking group of groomsmen! I really dig the light suits.


I can't even... This altar is stunning! Simple, and stunning!


Great view! Love the shot from the back.

We did it! Off to go take some shots alone!


Sniff. Sniff.

As much as I love me some buttercream, I'm still a fan of the naked cake. And I'm totally obsessed with the groom's cake! Look down!

Not sure I really want to know what's happening with the car! But, a GIANT thank you to the B+G for sharing their truly lovely, truly elegant wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerPhotography by Tim Toms
Event VenueThe Red Door Barn