An Intimate, Beautiful, Sunset Beach Wedding

Isn't that photograph incredible? The flag? The kiss? The passion? I mean, there is so much emotion emanating from Jessica and Jennifer that I swear, I can see it. It's almost as if I'm in a cartoon (from back in my day... Ahem... the 80s!), and the emotion is floating from the B+B to me. Right? Can you see it, bridey?! Or, maybe you think that my imagination has gotten the better of me! Either way, I know you can feel it too!

J+J had a stunning, beach ceremony followed by an intimate dinner with only close friends and family followed by tons of dancing. For some of you, it's totally the way to go... Grab your nearest and dearest, head to Mexico and get yourselves married! LOVE IT! Bridey, enjoy all of the fabulous, and lovely details of this lovely wedding!

Awwwww... I love the mother + daughter pics! Sniff... Sniff!

Witcher Schexnayder.001.jpeg

Great shot! Stunning lace detail...

Witcher Schexnayder.002.jpeg

Beautiful shot! Beautiful ladies!

Can we just talk about how gorgeous these flowers are? Look at those roses!!

How cool is it that J+J are walking each other down the aisle? LOVE.

FAB kiss!


Let's go for a walk on the beach...

One of my fave pics on BB... Ever!



So cute... So romantic!

Witcher Schexnayder.005.jpeg


Thank you Jessica and Jennifer for sharing your stunning, beach wedding with Bitchless Bride!