When Rustic Meets French Country with a Dash of Vintage... A Gorgeously Colorful, Outdoor, Summer Wedding

What I love most about Heather and Dave is that they combined pretty much everything they love about their life together, and infused it into their wedding. Seriously, I fucking love that they took pieces of who they are and created a day so unforgettable and dare I say, enchanting, not only for them, but for their guests too. With a genuine enthusiasm for the outdoors, the B+G got married in a BE AU TI FUL outdoor venue under the most exquisite and colorful altar I think I've ever seen (just wait until you scroll down!). As passionate animal lovers, Heather and Dave took pics with the horses on the farm, and Heather arrived to the ceremony via horse and carriage. 

I really could go on and on (you totally know that's true!) about everything I love about Heather and Dave's wedding, but why should I when all you have to do is use your thumb and see for yourself. Right? Bridey, enjoy this deliciously juicy and colorfully fantastic wedding!

I'm OB SES SED with the lace and the colors!!

Um, check out the fucking amazing nails!!!


Boots with the flowers... LOVE IT!

C'mon! Eat the apple!!

Totally GORGE!!

Heather: My veil fell off while walking up the aisle with my father. He wanted to grab it, but I told him to forget it. It was too windy, and wouldn't have stayed on anyway!

Fantastic photograph!!

Fantastic escort cards!!!

Such a stunning set! 


Thank you Heather and Dave for sharing your truly lovely wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Victoria Sprung Photography
Venue: Oak Hill Weddings
DJ: Global Music Vibes
Florist: Hand Pickd
Caterer: The Rafters
Music: Ralph Kluseman