A Super Fun, 100% Non-Conventional, Wedding "Festival"

Seriously, bridey, this is 100% a wedding that I wish I had been invited to. OMG! Imagine that! A wedding that people can't wait to attend? Totally breaks the norm, right? Anyway, Christina and Ephraim are a huge part of the Burning Man community so to say that their wedding was anything less than fucking spectacular and cool would be insulting. I mean, any couple who uses fire during their ceremony is kick ass in my book! Right? Yes, I said fire! And, I'm not talking about burning a unity candle, bridey. I'm talking FIRE. They had a fire ceremony (during the actual ceremony), using a custom made metal sculpture created by one of their guests. WOW!

There are so many surprises that I can't wait for you to see as you scroll down! If you thought the fire ceremony sounded cool, then just wait until you see the pic of the two guests that arrived via skydiving! Right? Holy shit! And the FOUR bands that played? F O U R! Or the midnight IT'S-IT, ice cream treats arriving through the crowd on a bicycle? I mean... Look, I know that at times I sound like a broken record, but I cannot stress enough, how important it is to stay true to who you are as a couple when you plan your wedding. And Christina and Ephraim did this with some serious reckless abandon! Bridey, enjoy this fun, and fucking amazeballs wedding festival!

The colors are totally gorgeous!

Christina, you look stunning!

Bottoms up!

So cute! Love the headpieces!

See? Dude just skydived to the wedding!

Such an honest, raw shot..


Don't you just love this photograph?

Beautiful Ketubah.

I love how C+E just canoed their way to the wedding reception!

WOW! Totally FAB!

HAHA! Love it!

Now, that is a show-stopping Challah

I'd probably be caught making out in the teepee!

Just look at that view! 

Christina: Ephraim and I dreamed about using elements form burning man—LED lights, our burning man campers, a themed after party, communal dinning and a circular ceremony— to create the wedding of our dreams.


So super cute!!

OMG! Gimmie!!!

Thank you Christina and Ephraim for sharing your truly fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Dekker Photography
Venue: Chalet View Lodge
Equipment Rentals: Celadon Events
Caterer: Great Thyme Catering
Dress: Carolina Herrera
Hair: Edin Carpenter
Attire: Hugo Boss