A Central Oregon, Bohemian, Beautiful and Rustic Mountain Wedding

See that? That's not just smiling for the photographer. That's something much, much  deeper than that. That, bridey, is what it's all about. Seriously, look at Dave. He's smiling at Katy, and she doesn't even know it. And, Katy? She's just looking absolutely beautiful, rockin' the shit out of that flower crown, and smiling. The way a bride should be smiling on he wedding day. No stress. No anxiety. Just unadulterated joy. 

As you scroll through this FAB and fun, laid back wedding, you can't help but notice how the B+G interact with each other. I mean, I love the awesome DIY deets, the cake, the décor, Katy's kickass wedding dress (OMFG...), and basically everything about this wedding. But, what I love most of all is the heat from the B+G. Like, seriously intoxicating heat. Their warmth and excitement for each other are completely contagious, and it shows throughout the entire wedding. So, bridey, when you're pulling inspiration from this wedding, be sure you pull some heat too... Enjoy!

Doesn't that look super dramatic? And, I'm obsessed with Katy's wedding dress!

OB SES SED. Right??

Great boutonnière!! 

Probably one of my fave shots. Ever.

Notice how Katy's headpiece matches the invites?

Holy shit. Doves! Representing the B+G as they start their lives together...

Great kiss! Talk about heat!


Did you notice the arm cuff? OMG! Katy, you're amazing!

STFU! Love it!!

Such a lovely pic of Dave and Katy! 

Love a fire pit at a wedding! Thank you Katy + Dave for sharing your fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Tony Gambino Photography
Event Planner: Shine Events
Venue: Shepherdsfield Weddings and Events