When an Expressive B+G, with Tons of Funny Faces, Have a Kickass Wedding

Meet Connie and Tim. See them? They're the super expressive, super funny couple photographed above (and below). I am DY ING over them. DYING! Seriously, I 100% wish I had the opportunity to work with them! And, not just because they make funny faces (although, that's definitely a draw for me!), but because all they wanted on their wedding day was to celebrate with their friends and family, and have a wedding that completely expressed who they are as a couple. BOOM!! That's what it's all about! C+T will absolutely look back on their wedding day and see themselves smiling back. Not some contrived, weddingy version of themselves.

Aside from their funny faces and wackiness, these two love Futurama and Star Wars... So, they incorporated it into their love into their wedding. OMG! Just wait until you see the cake(s)!! Anyway... Enjoy this kickass, laid back and truly fabulous wedding! You won't be able to help it!

Connie! LOVE your dress, and your laugh! I swear, I can hear it!

What up??

Such a fun bridal party pic! Look at the dude on the end!! He is like, HIGH up in the air!! OMG!

I mean... When a stranger crashes your wedding pics, you just gotta go with it! 

OMG. Where are you? Kinda love that creepy cat pic above your heads though!

Um. Yeah!

Don't be fooled... That's for the ceremony! Why use sand or candles when you can use whiskey is what I always say!

I love this photograph. So emotional!

Tim must be saying something true about Connie! LOL!

Tim! Best look ever!

Right? So much better than a unity candle! 


Can we just talk about her manicure?

Best party favor ever!

Totally awesome!

That looked like a fantastic welcome toast!

I can't... You guys are too cute!

Connie.Tim. You have definitely made it onto my top 5 B+Gs list! Thank you for sharing your fucking kickass wedding with Bitchless Bride! LOVE YOU!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jules Photography
Venue: The Trolley Barn