A Sentimental, Thoughtful and Beautiful "Backyard" Long Island Schoolhouse Wedding

I love this B+G. Like, so so so much... And, I am pretty obsessed with their wedding! Just look down at the photograph below... I mean... If that doesn't tell you a bit about our B+G... Katie, the bride, wrote a beautiful recap of the wedding planning experience and of the wedding day, most of which you will see in italics below. But, before I let you go crazy, soaking in the fabulous details of Katie and Phil's wedding, I thought I would share this tid bit from Katie with you... "My right hand has a ring on it with three stones. I created a ring for my mother, sister and myself with my maternal grandmothers ring to represent her three girls as their wedding gift for helping me during the process." I mean... How amazing is that? Super special and super sentimental! 

The coolest part of their wedding for me? Katie didn't even want a wedding!! Right?? She said that, "I didn't want a wedding, Phil did so the compromise was to make it a big 'backyard party.' I think we were successful in doing that. It took a lot of literal blood, sweat and tears to put our wedding together, and I wouldn't have had it any other way!" Now, bridey, you can go enjoy this kickass & fun wedding filled with food trucks, crazy dancing and shots of whiskey...

True.Story. The beginning!!! LOVE THIS!

My wedding dress was given to me at a great discount because my ex boyfriends sister in law contacted the designer for me. She used to work in the industry and when I found the dress he shipped it directly from the warehouse to me.

The pocket watch I gave Phil was a gift "from his mother" as a reminder that just like the pocket watch even though you don't always see it(her), she's there with him for all time. The handwriting on the front is hers and she always signed and said to him "love you lots".

Lovin' the headpiece!

Such a great shot!!

Bridey, that is how you want your sig other looking at you as you approach the alter. Can I get a "fuck yeah"?!!

The fork and knife on the thank you boxes were stamped by adults with autism.The utensil bags were stuffed and stamped by adults with autismThe menus were rolled up and sealed with the sticker by adults with autism.

I found all of our food trucks by stalking hashtags on Instagram. And I found our beer van by contacting every single brewery on Long Island and asking if they had a truck or van.

OMG. Is that a cheesecake wedding cake? Um. DELISH!

Thank you Katie and Phil for sharing your gorgeous and fun wedding with Bitchless Bride!! 

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Photographer: Yellow House Images
Invitations: The Salt &  Sea