An Absolutely Sensational, Jurassic Park Themed Wedding!

Yup! Those are definitely dinosaur feet! I mean, we all know how important it is to wear comfortable shoes on your wedding day, and Beth and Patrick pretty much nailed it (no pun). Bridey, if you haven't guessed by the title and the photograph, this is a Jurassic Park themed wedding! OMFG! Right? And, honestly? It's my first dinosaur themed wedding on Bitchless Bride! How cool is that? What I love most about B+P's wedding is that they obviously stayed true to themselves, and owned the shit out of this theme without crossing the line into dinosaur cheese.

The details are definitely dinosaury, but still beautiful and elegant! The bouquets the bridesmaids are rockin' are super cool and clever, and the cakes, yes, CAKES, are simply to die for... Bridey, this wedding? Well, it's a perfect example of how to incorporate what you love into your wedding day! Enjoy! You really have no choice!

Look closely. See the dinosaurs hidden in each bouquet? And, I LOVE these arrangement!!

Beth! You look beautiful and cute at the same time! LOVE the necklace and the slippers!

OMG. The hat!!!

That's incredible! The FOB looks a lot like "Hammond" from JP!!

Ta-da! So cute! I love the feathers in your hair, Beth!

I am OB SES SED with the flowers and the dresses! All of them!!!


Shut the FUCK up! No need for a sand ceremony when you have an erupting volcano!!

I love how "in theme" B+P are, and yet they're still maintaining a simple elegance with the décor.

Like... I have no words! I love the bloody cake topper, and I am DY ING over the groom's cake!!! Holy shit! 

Ewwwwwwww &  Aaaawwwwweeeeessssooommmmmeee!!!!!!!

Thank you Beth and Patrick for sharing your truly fantastic Jurassic Park wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!