Bridey, Why You Really Need to Give Me a Call!

Bridey, let's face it, wedding planning is stressful, time consuming and overwhelming. Right? And Bitchless Bride has dedicated four years to helping brides around the world to combat the bullshit, and drop the 'zillatude from your repertoire. But, you know how I can really help you? Call me. Phone moi. Talk to me! Let me steer you in the right direction before you lose your mind. 

Not to brag, but since I've launched Bitchless Bride Coaching in June, I have helped dozens of brides-to-be go from ass backwards to awesome. I have helped these brides to establish a solid plan, understand the next steps (and how to achieve them), and most of all, feel comfortable with the wedding planning process. Because as we all know, it is a process!

Bridey, if you're feeling a l'il cray, then please let me help you; schedule a time to talk to me! I have deliberately priced the wedding coaching sessions so that the bank will not break, and so that you can feel good about this "purchase". Let me turn your wedding planning into something that feels manageable instead of stressful. Bridey, you're literally only one call away from changing the course of your wedding day.

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