A Super Stylish, Super Rock 'N Roll, Orpheum Theater Wedding

Bridey, there is definitely a lot to take in when gazing at the photograph above. Aside from Geoffrey's totally adorable grin, I am completely and utterly sucked into Kari's gold, sparkly wedding dress. Right? Whenever a bride is ballsy enough to break out of the white dress norm, I find myself overcome with joy and even envy (and a strong desire to own said wedding dress)! OMG... Just wait until you see her shoes! Wait... Fuck it! Just look down!! WOW! Kari totally rocked some seriously delicious CLBs!

Anyway... See the curtain behind the B+G? That curtain opens up to a stage, a stage in which Kari and Geoffrey are going to be married. I mean... How fucking cool is that? I love how dramatic that feels! And, bridey, the stage is only the half of it. The décor and the venue are so badass and fun that you're going to be swimming in inspiration! So, grab your towel, and emerge yourself in this super stylish and completely phenomenal wedding.

Um. Hi. A MAZ ING shoes. Love love love those CLBs!!


OMFG... Gorgeous bracelet, kickass nails and an incredible engagement ring!!!

WOW, Kari... That dress!! You look smokin' hot! 

Geoffrey, you look quite dapper in that black tux!! You're always so happy, too! LOVE it!!

Is this venue not sensational? Not only are the B+G are getting married on stage, but the décor is truly beautiful... The black and gold are FAB!

Such a great "view", right? I mean, Kari + Geoffrey used the space so thoughtfully...

Doesn't this pic scream glamorous?

As a planner, it really makes me happy when I see smiling guests. I know, I know... So lame, but true.

FAB cake!!!

I would have loved to dance at this wedding!

Thank you Kari + Geoff for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer:  Ueda Photography
Event Venue: The Orpheum Theater, Madison