Reasons 990 through 999 Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

It seems so ironic that as my wedding season is simmering down, there’s an entire crop of soon-to-be engaged brides out there. While I’m taking a deep breath, lounging in front of Netflix and chilling the fuck out, you, bridey, are gearing up to plan the biggest event of your life. Did you hear me? THE BIGGEST EVENT OF YOUR LIFE. And whenever you’re tasked with anything of that magnitude, like managing a huge event at work or planning your family reunion or even a mega Christmas dinner, odds are you raise your hand and ask for help, right? Seems like the most logical thing to do. But, here’s the thing… So many of you don’t ask for help, from a professional, when you’re planning your wedding. You automatically dismiss the biggest piece of the wedding planning puzzle as superfluous and too expensive. But, you shouldn’t, and here’s a million more reasons (actually, just ten really good reasons) why you need to hire a wedding planner to help you get through it.

Reason 990: You’ve never planned a wedding before, and while you think it’s going to be magical with unicorns floating everywhere as you sip champagne, it can be fucking brutal and stressful. So, hire somebody who does this for a living and can create a version of your wedding so fantastic that you can’t even believe it’s your own. Bridey, think of a wedding planner as a curator or guardian of the biggest day of your life;  somebody who always has your best interests in mind and will absorb your wedding planning stress so that you can enjoy being engaged.

Reason 991: Raise your hand if you have a lot of spare time. Um, I’m guessing not, right? But, if you have an extra 15-20 hours in your week to put towards wedding planning, then by all means, don’t hire a wedding planner. Although for those of you who don’t have those extra hours, hire a wedding planner so that she (or he) can spend her time so that you don’t have to spend yours. I mean, c’mon bridey, you can’t even get your ass to the gym consistently without juggling your day appropriately! 

Reason 992: A wedding planner will do it better than you. Plain and simple. Bridey, I am a wedding planner (writer, blogger, mother, etc.) who knew nothing about building and maintaining a website, so you know what I did? I hired somebody who does know how to do it even though there is a TON of information about how I could do it myself. But, you know what? Fuck that! Because a professional will do it better than me, just like hiring a professional wedding planner will plan your wedding better than you.

Reason 993: Shit will go wrong leading up to your wedding day or on the day itself. And having to deal with that craziness while you’re friends and family are flying into town, and while you’re trying to enjoy some down time really sucks. So let somebody else handle these “fires” so that you don’t have to. Let somebody else be your problem solver… Consider it your insurance policy.

Reason 994: Budget. Yuck! Such a dirty word… But, certainly an important aspect of wedding planning. And because you’ve never planned a wedding, I think it’s fairly safe to say that you don’t know what things like wedding flowers or a DJ or fancy linens cost, right? Right! But, a wedding planner does know what things cost, and can direct you according to your budget. The budget you two created together!

Reason 995: Can you say impartial? Or neutral party? Or mediator? Bridey, there will be times when you need somewhat of a referee to help you though a tough planning experience. Maybe you and your fiancé are at odds with who gets to provide a toast at your wedding or maybe you’re politely going round and round with your soon to be MIL about décor. Whatever the case may be, let somebody else be the voice of reason so that things don’t get ugly.

Reason 996: Inside information anybody? Bridey, I don’t expect you to know what you’re doing in my world. Because it’s just that, my world. And, similarly, I’d have no idea what to do in your world. But, if I found myself in your world, wandering around in unknown territory, you can sure as hell bet that I’d get help navigating from somebody who knew where to go. So, hire a wedding planner and use us for our inside scoop!

Reason 997: Details. Details. Details. I fucking love them. And, most of “my kind” do too. And you know what one of my favorite parts of wedding planning is? Creating the timeline. Some of you might have just had a panic attack while thinking about all of the moving parts, but I LOVE a good timeline, and seeing it all come together. It’s like following a script… All you, bridey, need to know how to do is read.

Reason 998: Ever wonder who handles all of the “stuff” at the end of a wedding? Stuff like making sure your gifts/cards make it back to your guest room or that the family photographs make it safely back to where they came from or even the whereabouts of your veil? Without a wedding planner, you and your exhausted (and potentially drunk) groom do. Unless you have a wedding planner. Bridey, not only will a wedding planner handle all of the “day of” stuff, but they will handle the logistics on the backend too. 

Reason 999: Because you will absolutely look back and wish you had hired a wedding planner. Be 100% present on your wedding day and the days leading up to it. Let somebody else worry or you.

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography