A Beautifully Casual, Beautifully Bitchless, Stunning Outdoor Wedding...

OMG, bridey, I'm think I'm on to something... like, for real, really on to something (potentially life changing). What has me so excited? Well, as you scroll, you'll see the B+G's adorable golden retriever walking down the aisle, and captured in quite a few of the photographs. Not only is he a beautiful dog, but he's happy too. So, it got me thinking that dogs should be at every wedding! Right? Seriously, how soothing would it be for a bride + her guests to have a sweet pooch to pet and enjoy throughout the wedding day? I mean, they do say that petting a dog (or cat) can lower your blood pressure and relaxes you. I'm sorry, but isn't that PERFECT for a wedding?! It's probably the best prescription for wedding day stress, like ever! The crazy thing is that I am a cat person, but I do melt over a sweet dog.

Anyway, Erin and Nick had the coolest, most laid-back, outdoor FAB wedding that I've seen in a long time. The beer was a flowin', the weather was perfect, and they had a delicious looking red velvet cake. What else do you need? Enjoy!!!

I love E+N and totally love Erin's bouquet!

I really love this sign. (Notice how short the ceremony is? Quick, and to the point! LOVE IT!)


I am calmer and more relaxed simply by looking at this pic!

Maple syrup escort cards! TOTALLY FAB! One of my brides said that she loved maple syrup so much that she drinks it!! And you know what? I really can't blame her! Although I might be known to add some whiskey to it...

STFU. SO SO SO cute!

Simple. Gorgeous. Elegant. And, red velvet (my fave!)...

It's really perfect...

Thank you Erin + Nick for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Stevi Sayler Photography 
Floral Designer: Bestow PDX
Favors & Gifts: Butternut Mountain Farm
Event Venue: McMenamins
Dress Store: The English Department