An Amazing Greek Wedding So Good the B+G Forgot They Were Hosting!

“It was really a huge party, one of the best parties I've ever been to, so good I eventually forgot I was the host. By the end of the night we went crazy. I guess that's what a wedding is all about, isn't it??” said Nicoletta, the fucking awesome bride! I mean, holy shit, right? THIS is what Bitchless Bride has been preaching since inception! This feeling, this story, this wedding 100% embodies the truth behind your wedding and your marriage! Have fun and love your sig other. Plain and simple. Plain and fucking simple. Enjoy your wedding so much that you forget you’re the host. I really couldn’t have said it better myself.

Bridey, there are so many goodies in this wedding I hardly know where to begin. I seriously wanted to show you every.single.photograph, but somehow I was able to narrow it down. From the al fresco ceremony and kickass cocktail reception to the absolutely insanely GORGEOUS décor, this wedding not only stole my heart, but my soul too. Enjoy! And scroll on to learn more about how Nicoletta and Dimitris met!

WOW! Nicoletta, you are stunning!

Dimitris: If I was ever told that I would fall in love with my future bride at first sight, I would probably laugh hard because I always considered this scenario is only plausible in movies. It's a lovely night in Milan, but despite it's loveliness you don't wish to remove yourself from the couch, your mates insist, so you decide to go all Jim Carrey, be a "yes" man and join them ; there you see her, standing out of the crowd, she's your definition of heaven and you've suddenly grown all sweaty, you want to approach her but your feet can't seem to budge, the night goes by and this beautiful stranger is about to leave, so you come up with the lamest possible excuse to follow her to the door and ask if the lighter you've just grabbed from your best buddy actually belongs to her. Turns out this move is the cheesiest tiny but eventually huge step that will transform your entire life and take it to the right direction.

No need for decorations when you have this!!

Ohhhhhhh..... Kitty!!!

This might be one of my favorite pics ever! Like, EVER! Look at the B+G. Nothing but sheer excitement and joy!


OMG! That's some serious rice throwing! I mean, if you're standing on the roof, you mean business!

Is it weird to be in love with a couple? Just asking...for a friend.

Nicoletta: We arrived at our reception venue on a little fishing boat, and we instantly had a toast to our loved ones sipping some aperol spritzers, the night was still young and our party was about to begin.

I could seriously cry while looking at these photographs. The lighting, the décor the ambiance! Oh my!! Fucking spectacular!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink uplights!

Nicoletta: We wanted our wedding to be a true, heartfelt, endless party where all our loved ones would join us and have an unforgettable time.

Thank you Nicoletta + Dimitris for sharing your amazingly fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride! I truly love everything about your day!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography
Cinema + Video: Jim Grillas Films
Reception Venue: Lazarou Beach
Bridesmaid Dresses: Maria Konidi
Event Planner: The12Events