An Elegant, Enchanted Garden Wedding with Tons of Gorgeous Flowers, Some Amazing Cake Porn and a Sensational Venue!

Ashley + Bryce absolutely accomplished the impossible on their wedding day. I'm not totally exaggerating! Seriously, this B+G brought an enchanted garden to City Hall. Like, hands down, the most amazingly captivating garden "scene" I have ever laid eyes on that wasn't a celebrity wedding. Bridey, just wait until you see the fucking amazing flowers, stunning lighting, the cool cool cool wedding cake (OMG, holy shit!), and pure glam brought together by a sensational group of vendors and dreamt up by Ashley and Bryce! WOW!

I think you can tell by Ashley's wedding dress that this chick has some pretty FAB taste. She had her Mori Lee dress customized by adding pink to the skirt of her gown. How awesome is that? I really could go on and on, but why, when you can just go see for yourself! Enjoy!

OMG. So sparkly and beautiful!


Um... I NEED those shoes!

Amazing hair and makeup, amazing headpiece and just all around beautiful!

I mean... STFU with that bouquet. RIGHT? Absolutely incredible!!

I can't... It's too good...

I love how Ashley is grabbing the top of Bryce's head!!

I love everything about this shot. The dresses, the attitude and the shoes!! YES!

Can we please talk about Ashley's nails? I have that they're dark!

Like, holy amazing! These are custom made trees for each of the tables...


This wedding cake is a piece of art.


Thank you Ashley and Bryce for sharing your enchanted wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Sabrina Hall Photography
Tuxedo & Mens Attire: American Commodore Tuxedo
Dress Store: Brides by the Falls
Dress Designer: Mori Lee
Floral Designer: Nikki's Perfect Petal Designs
Venue: The Grand City Hall Rotunda
Bakery: Wild Flour Bakery

A Gorgeous Vineyard Wedding Complete with a Tea Ceremony, Choreographed Bridal Party Dance, The Best Bridal Shoes Ever, and Lots of Fun!

Bridey, I can preach about how important lighting is for your wedding until I am blue in the face, but just looking at this photograph should "sell" you. Amazing, right? And the design on the dance floor that the chandelier is making? Fucking fantastic!! WOW! Anyway, I am going to give the floor (no pun, I swear!!) to Stephanie, our beautiful bride. She is going to share their seriously incredible proposal story with you throughout the post, and in between, I am going to share tid bits about the wedding! Enjoy!!

StephanieWell, being the know-it-all woman that I am, I was absolutely convinced Stephen would propose at one of two times: during our 5 week vacation to Europe or after finishing his residency/fellowship. Now I am definitely not one to snoop :), however, I am one to pay very close attention when “assessing” my surroundings. For months, as any one of my friends can tell you, I had been hoping Stephen would ask The Question. But there were absolutely no signs at all! He was not acting funny, he was not asking weird or obvious questions, there were no receipts, business cards, NADA! Still I had thoughts Stephen would propose in Europe, but each day gourmet dinners, romantic walks, gorgeous settings and “perfect times” came and went, with no question being asked. 


Stephanie: Needless to say, after returning home my belief that he was waiting to finish his training solidified.The day before we flew home for Christmas my sister came to visit because “she needed a break.” Uh huh. She wanted to get her nails done, get dressed up and go shopping so she could have an “adult day” without the kids. So here I am thinking I am doing something so great for my sister! Yeah, that wasn’t exactly reality. We spent the day out on town with our manicured nails and trendy outfits. 

Love this pic with Stephanie + her besties!!

StephanieWhen we got home I open my front door to find that Stephen and my best friend, Yuri, had spent the last 12 hours decorating the entire house in gorgeous Christmas decoration straight out of a magazine! Stephen and I had previously decided not to decorate for Christmas because we were only home for a few days before flying to Northern California for the holidays. But he knows me so much better than that! Christmas is quite literally my favorite time of year and I love me some glitter, sparkles and Christmas decor :).

A beautiful tea ceremony...

StephanieStephen then handed me a beautifully wrapped gift box stating this was my Christmas present. Just as a side note, Stephen and I also had previously decided that we were not going to spend more than $20 on each other for Christmas, and yeah, he broke a lot of rules! When I opened the box it was filled with several clear ornaments that open. Stephen stated that each year we will place a memorable keepsake in one of ornaments for that year. And there was one already on the tree for me this year! Yay! With my great “assessing” skills I quickly found this year’s ornament. I sat down to open the white box inside this year’s ornament with little expectations given the shocked state I was in. But what was inside I did not expect at all………NOTHING.Yep, nothing. 

Damn, girl! You look absolutely stunning!!! Bridey, know what's cool? Stephanie did TWO first looks! One with her bridesmaids... They hadn't seen her wedding dress. Only her mom, sister and her best friend were helping her get ready. Isn't that FAB?!!

STFU with the shoes!!!

StephanieAs I looked up from the empty box, a little confused, I saw the man of my dreams on one knee with the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever seen in his hands. I couldn’t breathe, talk (I know it seems impossible, but no I really couldn’t talk!) or move. As this amazing man continued to tell me how we should spend the rest of our lives together all I could think was, “I must be dreaming, there is no way Stephen could pull this off without me knowing!” But he did, and it was the best night of my life thus far.

The bouquet Stephen is holding? Made by her one of her bridesmaids!!!

Totally love that Stephen is checking out her backside!

StephanieAfter the proposal, Stephen continued to surprise me. Saying we had dinner reservations I followed him to where he had planned a surprise party with all of our friends and my sister. We celebrated all night, then left the next morning to continue the celebration with our families for the holidays, which has now become known as the Engagement Tour:) I am so very blessed and just want to say thank you Stephen, Candace, Yuri and all of our friends who helped make that night literally the best night of my life!

How beautiful is that ceremony space?! OMG!

Love this shot!!!

Um. WOW!!!! 

I cannot get enough of this décor! I am doing something similar with one of my brides, and I swear... Sequins speak to me!!

I seriously want to slide down that cupcake tree!


STFU! Look at Stephanie's hair! So GORGE!

Yup! They had somebody painting the scenes at their wedding! So cool!

Stephanie’s father had a contract drawn up for Stephen to take over all of Stephanie’s debt... LOL! He shared this during his toast!

I really don't even have the words... No, seriously! How amazing is this!?

Best final photograph in a Bitchless Bride post ever! Can you imagine? I want to dive into that pic and have my way with that plate! Anyway... A GIANT thank you to Stephanie and Stephen for sharing their beautiful and fun wedding with BB!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Kirstin Burrows Photography
Food Truck: Sweet & Mellow Truck 
Floral Designer: Bings Design
Cake Designer: Cake Creations by Bev 
Lighting: Enhanced Lighting
DJ: Fantasy Sound Event Services 
Hair Stylist: Hey Saylor Cosmetics
Event Planner: Kristina V Events
Event Painter: Nata's Fine Art
Reception Venue: The Palm Event Center
Band: Pop Fiction Live
DJ: Spintronix Entertainment, LLC

Fantasy Friday ~ When a Wedding Planner Gets Married...

When a wedding planner gets married, odds are, the wedding is going to be fucking amazing. And Shanna and Josh's wedding? A MAZ ING! Like, soooooo gorgeous, and soooooo warm that I cannot wait for you to scroll down and see the exquisite décor! Bridey, you know that I am a HUGE fan of uplighting, and Shanna's pink and ivory palette is simply beauteous. For real... Don't forget to light your wedding!

BTW... See Shanna's dress? The hint of pink? The ball gown? Isn't it stunning?! OMG, if I told you all of the amazing details of the B+G's wedding, then I'd be wasting your time. I mean, why talk about it when you can just scroll down and see for yourself? So, go... Enjoy this beautiful wedding!
The dress and the bling... Yes, please!Shanna, you look beautiful in that incredible gown and jewels!Let's go!!!Josh! I LOVE how you're looking at Shanna! (Nice dimples, too!)Great sunglasses!!I mean... Talk about a glowing bride....Totally love that their wedding was at a tapas restaurant!Those are sparkly Christmas ornaments which doubled as place cards. I mean... Talk about a fantastic wedding favor! Okay. Ready, bridey? Look down!!RIGHT? Could this room be any more romantic or beautiful? The linen, the lighting, the flowers! OH MY!!
Magnificent cake! And the room, glowing...Sniff... Sniff...Thank you for sharing your absolutely stunning wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer, Cinema & Video:  A Magic Moment Photography and Video
Reception Venue: Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant
Event Planner: Weddings Unique

Manic Monday ~ Light it Up, Brideys!!

~ This is a sponsored post ~

That sweet table looks damn good, right? Beautiful wedding cake, kick ass cupcakes, awesome rock candy (I'm like a little obsessed with rock candy...) and overall, it's just a lovely table. But, you know why it looks that fantastic? It's called LIGHTING, brideys. I've said it a million times... Lighting has the power to completely change your wedding! It has the power to change the mood of your wedding, and honestly? It can effect how your guests feel at your wedding. Don't believe me? Allow me to explain.

Brideys, you are drawn to this table not only because of the delicious confections, but because of the pink up lights and the blue hues. Would you still grab a cupcake (and some rock candy)? Sure. But, you might not have even seen the table if not for the lighting. And you know what? You CAN afford it. Lighting doesn't have to break the bank, and if you're more of DIY kind of girl? Even better!

Check it out! Look up. See that? That's a before photograph. Vast open space, white walls, and white floors. To me, this space is a blank canvas. I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to blow your guests away with creativity and ambiance. But, it's probably giving you heart palps, right? Seriously, does this picture scare you? It shouldn't! Quite the contrary actually... It should speak to you! You need to adjust your thinking and see it as a way to save a shitload of money by lighting it up! Look down...

I mean... Stunning, right? Yes, the hanging lanterns are cool, but the room itself is completely mind blowing because of the purple glow, and the amazingly lit head table. The rest? Well, it's gravy.

As you know, I am SO not a DIY kind of person (or wedding planner), but this is barely DIY, which is obviously very appealing to me, and to those of us who want to save money, but don't want to have to do a lot of work to get what we want. It's simple, and outside of a few directions, it's completely doable. 

If you're wondering where to get these, I am about to tell you, so slow your roll, brideys... The site? It's called They ship all over the country (USA), it's all done online (because who really wants to talk to anybody anymore?), and it's super fucking cheap, but the product? Not cheap. Just awesome! And easy...

Brideys, to me... Lighting for your wedding is just as important as flowers on your tables or FAB entertainment. All you have to do is look up to see that... Remember, you're setting the tone or the mood for your guests. I mean, how cool is it that YOU have control over how your guests feel? Right? So, you know what? Make sure they feel awesome! Got it?

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