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Super Stylish Sunday ~ If You're Happy and You Know it...

I'm a little in love with Carey and Alex. I say that a lot, I know, but, these days, when you see a fantastic couple, and a totally Bitchless Bride, my emotions get the best of me, and I fall in love. What can I say? I guess that I am somewhat of a softie after all. And this wedding? Well, let's just say that I cannot get enough of Carey, the bride. Seriously? TOTAL GIRL CRUSH. And you know why, brideys? Because she is BEAMING from start to finish. BEAMING. The way a bride should be on her wedding day. Right? I mean, there is something about Carey that simply exudes pure and utter happiness. 

Okay... moving on from my girl crush... The other reason why I love this wedding so much is because of all of the details. You all know that I am whore for cake, and this cake is so simple, and so lovely that I just... can't... I can't... So, I encourage you, bridey, to scroll, to take it all in. The details, the beauty, but most of all the joy. Because, Carey? Well, Carey is an example of how every single bride (and groom) should walk through her wedding day. 

Couldn't you just squeeze her?!!!I am lovin' the DIY aspects of the wedding. Beautiful and simple.Honestly? At first I thought her mom was patting her ass (in a loving way of course). But, then I realized that she's holding up the train. Still totally love the photo, but...Again... LOOK at Carey! BEAMING! STUNNING!!! AMAZING!!!

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ Boho Bride Inspo

I mean... I barely have the words for this styled shoot. It's colorful, edgy, and plain ol' awesome! There is so much damn eye candy in this post that you'll probably get a cavity by the time you're done browsing. OMG. So sorry for the awful joke, but, I totally couldn't help it!! Seriously, I cannot stop looking at all of the jewelry, feathers, dresses, etc.!

Bridey, if you need some boho bride inspo, look no further. Shit. What is wrong with me? It's just one bad cliche after another! I swear I'm not drunk... Just excited to share this one with you. 

Are you as in love with the flower crown as I am? Or what about all of her amazing jewels?!!Please. Please, bridey... Jump out of the box, and go crazy! For real, this could be you... on your wedding day... on the beach... looking insanely phenomenal! 

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ A Gorgeous Tea Ceremony, A Stanley Cup Wedding Cake and Much, Much More!

Seriously, there are so many stunning details in Linda & Kurt's wedding that perhaps I got a little carried away the number of photographs included in this post... But, I just couldn't help it! WAIT until you see all of the amazing colors, fun photo ops, and all of the cool ass surprises as you scroll down the page! The best part? All of these goodies are mixed with a bit of tradition.

Soooooo..... I'll be honest, I am not much of a sports fan. Sure, I get excited if one of our teams is in the playoffs or something, but usually... Not so much. Linda and Kurt on the other hand? GIANT hockey fans!! I mean, their cake is a replica of the fucking Stanley Cup!!! Right?? That's pretty awesome! And you know what colors are hiding on the inside? Orange and blue! The official colors of their fave hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers. 

But, OMG... There are so many neat details shared in this wedding... School buses, classrooms, tea ceremonies, Plinko chips (yup! I said PLINKO!), you name it's there! So, bridey, if you're feeling short on inspiration, you won't be after browsing this FAB wedding! Enjoy!!

As much as this girl loves Jimmy Choo, Valentino or CLB... I seem to be drawn to green All Star sneakers too...

Fucking AWESOME! I am completely obsessed with bouquet!I know it's a little bit strange, but I love that Kurt is holding the bouquet in one of these photographs. Completely reminds me of when I make my hus hold my purse while I am busy doing something else!!

Yeah, Linda is a school teacher... Hence the school bus, classroom, etc..."Hey girl..."

It really doesn't get cooler than this!

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ All That Glitters Should be Gold!

I love everything about this shoot. What can I say? I guess I'm in a gold place right now. Seriously, I've been sporting my grandmother's gold antique wedding band, and rockin' a ton of gold accessories these days. So, it's no surprise that when this submission came in, I (Wow!! OMG! I almost just used a really dirty phrase to describe how I felt)... AHEM... I got really excited. I think it's pretty obvious why... Because these photographs are fucking awesome! I really love the black and gold. Like REALLY love it. I'm also a big fan of the print on the linen. And not just the print, but the texture! Yeah, bridey, the black print is actually velvet. Right??? (I'm totally refraining from any velvet jokes right now.)

Anyway, the other day, my mom asked me why I share styled shoots on BB. Totally valid question (for somebody outside of the industry), so I told her that wedding inspiration is half the battle. Once a bride finds her path; her inspiration... then her wedding journey comes to life and starts to fall into place. For instance, you, bridey, may browse these photographs and suddenly decide that you are as excited as I am about gold and black, and BAM! A fucking light bulb goes off, and now you can see your wedding. Know what I mean? Well, now mama BB gets it too... So, hopefully this will be your light bulb... Enjoy!

Picture this absolutely incredible table at your wedding reception. Just add some gold flatware, and BOOM! You're done... Amazing!

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ Vintage on a Budget

Maybe it's because I never got to wear the wedding dress I selected (I eloped and ended up wearing a bridesmaid dress...) that I cannot resist posting amazingly awesome wedding dress photographs, or maybe it's because this dress is so fucking cool, but, no matter what, I think I need to own this stunning vintage gown! And seriously?Guess how much this dress cost? No really, guess!!! Yeah... $100.00 on ebay. Whaaaaaaa? I know, right? Pretty kick ass!!

So, bridey, if you're on a tight budget, but don't want to compromise with a cheap ass wedding dress, then scouring ebay for something vintage and FAB could really pay off. I mean, just look at these photographs! Tarra Warren (the model) is obviously gorgeous (duh... she's a model for a reason), but Tarra + the dress + the Valculse House? Truly priceless! Enjoy the eye candy (all the way from Australia)! I sure did!

Flawless makeup. Cindy Tran... maybe you could come for a visit and do BB's makeup? 

Yup! $100.00! Can you get over it? Matched with the lace gloves and pearls? I'm falling over!

I am lovin' the super long veil!

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ A One of a Kind Dress for a One of a Kind Bride

Are you DY ING over this wedding dress? I know, it's absolutely amazing! Well, it wasn't bought off the rack. The bottom of the dress is a handmade tulle tutu. The top and the belt were both purchased separately. And all three pieces were put together to make this amazing one of a kind masterpiece. Right? OH MY GOD! The dress and the beautiful girl wearing the dress? Fucking priceless.

Yeah... It's pretty obvious that I have a crush on Marie. Her tats (told you I'm going through a thing right now), her energy and the purple hair are completely drawing me in! Not too mention the cool ass wedding dress! I mean... Bridey, check out all of the amazing pics in this post. Talk about creative! This dress is super innovative from a DIY standpoint, and totally stylish all at the same time.

Loving the boots.... And the blue crate? Ties the photographs together! Totally AWESOME!

She is STUNNING. Just stunning. That makeup is flawless.

For a second, I thought I was looking at a boudoir shoot. Damn sexy, right?

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ A Wicked Awesome Boston Wedding

I couldn't help it... I had to say wicked awesome. Feels like everybody I know from Boston says it, so this was my chance to fit in. How did I do? Anyway, are you in complete awe of this photograph? I mean... the Boston Fire truck and the American Flag? I say that's WICKED AWESOME! Right?

So, Ryan is a firefighter with Scottish roots, and Alyssa is such a stunning bride! Not too mention that I am freaking the fuck out over the bagpiper! Seriously, who doesn't love a good bagpiper? The minute the pipes start going, I get shivers down my spine. And this one? Well, he's absolutely adorable and wearing a kilt! Sign me up! Yeah... I have issues. 

OMG! Just wait until you see the "entertainment" during cocktail hour! Only in Boston... I swear. Oh! And brideys, you're going to completely die over the stunning flowers and amazing venue. This is one you def can't miss! Enjoy!

These girls look like they are on a movie set. Right? I LOVE the robes!

What are friends for? I mean if you can't trust your girls to button your wedding dress, and put your shoes on, then you've picked the wrong chicks!This could be a postcard.

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ A Cinematastic & Stylish Engagement Shoot!

As you may know, based on how often I feature his incredible photographs, I absolutely LOVE Hilary Cam. In fact, I might actually be IN LOVE with Hilary Cam!! I mean... his work is not only fabulous, and fabulously creative, but each artistic submission makes me feel like I'm actually there... like I'm actually in the room and watching it all go down. Hard to do, brideys

Here is a bit about his latest masterpiece from the kick ass gentleman himself: "The curtains opened on this love story 9 years ago. A romance set in a cinema between two of its operators may sound like a promising opening for a French Art House film but this is the start to Jessica & Craig’s relationship. Both worked at the local theatre and in between screenings and orders popcorn a romance blossomed.

Our shoot takes place at Craig’s old workplace, the pristine Art Deco Roseville Theatre, originally built in the early 1900s and renovated in 1938. Thank you so much for the owners for access to this historical theatre and thank you to the friendly projectionist, Sam, who tirelessly and happily helped out late at night."

Seriously? I love the couch, and the loveliness of this photograph.

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ A Fabulously Extraordinary Vintage English Wedding

I'm kind of obsessed with photographer, Charlene Morton. A few weeks ago, I featured another one of her FAB weddings here on Bitchless Bride, and when I saw that she had submitted another wedding, I was absolutely overjoyed! Not only are the bride and groom, Laura and Andrew, super rad, but all of the intricate, well thought out details are such a fabulous treat. Not too mention the fucking awesome bridesmaids dress, adorable groomsmen, and delicious looking drinks! Seriously, I just couldn't stop when it came to the number of photographs I just HAD to share with you today... 

Brideys, I'll let Charlene take it away... ENJOY:

The morning of the wedding began at Laura and Andrews Bristol home, where the bridal party preparations were well underway. Hair and make-up artists had set up camp in the kitchen with boxes of rollers, brushes pots and powders. As we arrived the bridesmaids had their hair set and were all in coloured hairnets that held their curled and pinned hair-dos in place. The bridesmaids dresses were all vintage, and had been painstakingly sourced by Laura. Four long laced, prom style dresses (some of which had been hand-dyed pastel tones) were all authentic vintage, absolutely beautiful and were as if they were made to suit each of the girls. The addition of handmade flower corsages tied the bridesmaids together seamlessly. Laura had also sourced matching coloured vintage costume jewelry for each of her bridesmaids that were presented as gifts in dainty handbags she had hand sewn!

Laura’s 1940’s vintage dress had been sourced from America, and was found in a dusty trunk that had not been opened since the wartime. A really incredible find! The dress had been shipped to the UK and altered to reduce the skirt size to a more A-line shape to modernise slightly, and fit Laura perfectly; the delicate long lace arms and a high-laced neck. Preparations were a wholly relaxed morning of fun, smiles and friends.

We headed off to Leigh Court ahead of the Bridal Party. Guests had arrived and convened on the entrance steps, framed against vast sandstone pillars, and soaked them selves in the sun awaiting the arrival of the bride.

The grooms party arrived, each with flashes of 1940’s inspiration, from the quiffed fringes, to contrast brogues and black braces. Even the guests had joined in on the fun, with 1950’s style prom dresses, red lipstick and feathered hats. This wedding really was vintage done well.

Vintage cars transported the bridal party to Leigh Court and they were whisked away to an upstairs room to prepare for the ceremony. (Elements of the day like this created a really traditional feel to the proceedings, and including a greeting line after the ceremony). The sun was well and truly shining and remained bright well into the evening, allowing guests the pleasure of sitting outside and enjoying their pimms – probably for the first time this year!

Completely in LOVE with this kick ass dresses!!! I especially love that they don't match!

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Super Stylish Sunday ~ Feelin' Hot Hot Hot...

I asked for it... I put the word out there that I wanted to see a hot pink wedding, and I got my wish! Just LOOK at these fucking amazing bridesmaids dresses? Right? So vibrant, so rich, and so fantastic! And, I really love how laid back the groom and his men are. I mean, definitely dressed for the occasion, but not seeing black tuxedos is a nice change from the "norm".

I think at this point I have DRILLED into your little bridey heads how important it is to have fun at your wedding, and how important it is for your guests to have fun too... Well, this is how it's done.... These photographs speak for themselves. Seriously. At some point during the night, the groom did a handstand! Oh yeah! LOVE IT!

I mean... You gotta love that the bride is wearing Toms under her stunning wedding dress. 

That is one proud mama. And why shouldn't she be? Her daughter is stunning!!

I HAD to include this photograph in the post. It's like the gentleman doing the makeup was written into the script... He's wearing hot pink too!!

Gerber daisies are just so happy...


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Super Stylish Sunday ~ Fuchsia, Sequins and Beads! Oh My!

Every now and then, it's totally refreshing and exciting to come across a couple so unique, and so engaging that it brings tears to my eyes. Enter Alison and Moody... Just look at their wedding attire! Amazing, right? I am in love... with both of them! The groom, Moody, hand decorated his suit. Seriously! What man do you know that would hand decorate is fucking suit? NONE! But, Moody? Yeah, he not only hand decorated it, but he even took the left over fabric from Alison's wedding dress (cut from the fittings)  to make small, delicate flowers and pearls for the little button hole bouquets. I mean... 

And Alison's dress? Holy shit! I am DY ING over it! Just dying! Not only does she look amazing, but I love seeing brides who are brave enough to truly break out of the, "I have to wear a white wedding dress on my wedding day" thing. And she just ROCKS it!

Well... enough outta me. Alison & Moody's photographer will walk you though the beauty of the day. Enjoy!

Words from the Photographer, Ms. Charlene Morton: Last Wednesday I had the midweek pleasure of photographing Alison and Moody’s Bristol Wedding. The guests gathered on the sunny steps of Brisol Registry Office ready to greet the Bride and Groom who entered together. A rush of fuchsia pink ran through the guests outfits, satin ties were worn by the grooms party, whilst elements of the colour could be found throughout. The style of the day was very creative, with a punky, and individual edge. I especially loved the matching shades worn by the grooms party, making them look like they were 1940's mobsters! 

The wedding party were led inside into an ornate, wood panelled room and the ceremony commenced with a room full of close family and friends.

Moody had hand decorated his black suit with fuschia coloured sequins, and beads which swirled over his shoulders and down his lapel. Not only pulling the wedding’s colour themes together, but also adding a personal, creative touch. Moody had also hand sewn each of the small button hole bouquets, from inches of fabric which was removed from the bottom of Alison's wedding dress in the fitting stages. The fabric was cut into small delicate flowers and small pearls added to complete the mini bouquets – such a lovely idea!

We made full use of the Registry Offices main front steps, we shut the heavy black doors and posed the entire wedding party for a full group shot, which was full of smiles, hugs and improvised confetti!

The guests then embarked on a walk from the steps down to the water side. We made use of the lovely harbor scenery en route to take some group shots.

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