Five Important “Bridal Traits” I Learned from My Favorite Bride

As much as I attempt to educate you brideys with my anecdotes, crazy bitchy bride stories and a few nightmares, I think it’s only fair that I tell you a bit about one of my absolute favorite brides (like ever). I wrote this piece in 2012, but to this day, I still feel the same way because not only was this bride super cool, gorgeous and fun, but also really smart and trusting… of me, and the vendors we picked TOGETHER! She embraced the wedding planning process; the good the bad and the crazy, and walked around like she had a secret. Like a badass. You know that feeling… It’s like nobody can touch you, you feel almost invincible and awesome (TOTALLY the way I feel in Vegas!).

So, about half way through the planning process I asked her what her secret was. How was she able to keep it all together so well during this process? Because it wasn’t just the wedding she was dealing with… She was writing her thesis, her father was ill, and although her mother was supportive, her energies were spent taking care of her husband. My brideys response… “Hmmmm… I guess that as much as I am excited about the wedding, I am even more excited about Aaron. The wedding plans can go hell, but at least I’ll be married… to him.” I seriously bowed down to her after listening to this response because I was absolutely floored! 

After our appointment, I thought a lot her graceful demeanor and how she just seemed to “get it”. And it dawned on me, that while she was definitely madly in love with her fiancé, she also seemed to understand that as much as she was looking forward to the actual wedding, there was life afterwards. Here’s a glimpse of what I learned from her:

1. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. Love your fiancé. Don’t be rude or snarky in front of strangers and vendors. It makes us (your vendors) think you’re not gonna make it, and why should we put all of this work into planning something when divorce seems inevitable. 

2. Don’t expect a discount just because you asked for it. Listen, you can’t blame a girl for asking, but know when to quit. There’s nothing worse than somebody who gives into you just to get you to shut up! Or if they get fed up, tell you to suck it and look elsewhere!

3. Bridey and I had several conversations about how everybody she loved was going to be in the same room all at once. And frankly, there’s usually only one other time this happens, and it’s a bit morbid (you picking up what I’m putting down?) Got it? So take it all in and enjoy no matter what happens!

4. Remember that oftentimes there’s a fantastic reward for your wedding planning efforts… It’s called a honeymoon! And usually it’s somewhere warm with palm trees, and always with lots of “just married” sex (and on that note, you must read Gynecologically Speaking to prepare yourself!)! 

5. You’re married and you just threw a huge party to celebrate… SO CELEBRATE! Enjoy yourselves because it will be among the fastest days of your entire life. 

Brideys, absorb this. Because this bride should win an award for her extremely amazing attitude and overall understanding of the big picture.

What do you think? How are your wedding plans going? Are you keeping this in mind?