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The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Give The People What They Want!!

I'm going to tell you a story using several adjectives. Are you ready? Ahem... Recently, I attended an insanely awesome wedding (of which I was a guest, not a planner) at a cool ass venue with delicious food, and a killer band. The bar was open, the signature drinks were a flowin', and the father of the bride delivered one of the best toasts I have ever heard in my wedding planning career. He involved the band. I know, right?? Seriously, at certain points in the toast, the lights would dim, the spotlight would shine brightly towards the stage, and the band would sing snippets of whatever prearranged songs he had selected. It was fucking marvelous!! And it wasn't just because I knew the family that made it so great, it was his delivery, and thoughtful anecdotes...

Anyway, as I mentioned, it was a very well done wedding. And you know what? I haven't even told you one of my favorite parts of the evening. The "afterglow". The after party. Fancy right? AFTERGLOW. Well, actually it wasn't all that fancy... More like a drunken shadow of the beautifully dressed guests who attended the wedding.

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