Alice in Wonderland

An Underwater, Alice in Wonderland Themed, Trash the Dress Session...

I have to say that in all of my years wedding planning, event planning and writing for Bitchless Bride, I have never, ever seen anything this fucking cool in my life. While I'm hoping that you, bridey, trash your dress after you're happily married, for some, it doesn't quite work out that way. Sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and sadly that means trashing her dress because the wedding never happened. And, why not turn something utterly painful into something utterly fabulous? Why not celebrate a difficult decision with empowerment, creativity and friendship? Well, that's exactly what Mallorey did. She called off her wedding, and then trashed her dress in a way unlike any other...

Mallorey collaborated with some seriously talented vendors to tell an imagined story of Alice Returning to Wonderland to prepare for her wedding day. Kasey, of One Sweet World Images, is an experienced underwater photographer (um, obvi) with an undergraduate degree in theatre, so needless to say, this girl has one badass imagination and talent! Bridey, you want different? You want extreme? Well, look no further... Enjoy!

Underwater Alice.001.jpeg

How cool is this? The Hatter is underwater reaching through the frame! 


It truly looks like Mallorey is falling, right?


Hold please... Can we just talk about the dress? I mean, it's fucking fantastic! Hardly trashed!


You gotta have tea with the Hatter!


Remember, bridey, this shot is taken underwater! OMG! I can't even!!!! WHOA!!!

Underwater Alice.004.jpeg

Seriously!!! Check out her makeup! It's A MAZ ING!!


Thank you everybody who had a hand in this FABULOUS trash the dress sess!! The photographs are incredible, and Mallorey, I congratulate you on your divine strength.

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: One Sweet World Images
Event Planner: Fête and Frivolity Events, LLC.
Beauty: Spivey lane Salon
Bakery: Sweet Things DFW
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Fantasy Friday ~ We're All Mad Here...

Who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland? Right? And there are some of us who love the idea of a fantasy world so much that it becomes a part of us. And why wouldn't we? In a fantasy we are free to live in a world with little inhibition, few cares and pure pleasure. So why not let your wedding guests in on such great pleasure? Why not "wow" them with an experience unlike any other, and certainly unlike any other wedding? I mean... Don't they deserve it? How about we let them fall down their own rabbit hole? (Side note... Doesn't the AIW groom above look hauntingly like Matthew from Downton Abbey? Just sayin'!!)
I am completely obsessed with this amazing set up. It's truly whimsical. Even down to the cool chairs... There is no way you could feel anything except unadulterated happiness walking into and sitting in this space!
Check out this bouquet! How fucking awesome is that? It's colorful, it's expressive, and it's not obnoxious! Or the boutonniere below? Again, it's colorful, it goes with the them, and it's hardly obnoxious.
Look at that dress! I want to walk around in it. TODAY. RIGHT NOW!