Alice in Wonderland Wedding

An Amazingly Creative, Super Awesome, Dr. Who Meets Alice in Wonderland Wedding

I don't know about you, bridey, but I would totally drink that! Maybe something is wrong with me, but it just looks so incredibly inviting! Right? Perhaps it has something to do with our B+G, Whitney and Chad. These two are the brainchildren behind this ridiculously cool, super fun, and fabulous wedding mash-up of Dr. Who and Alice in Wonderland. All of the details are so well thought out and so well designed, that you'll 100% feel like you drank whatever that shit is in the bottle. 

I mean... I have NEVER seen a wedding cake more intricate and plain ol' kickass until today. And the décor? WOW! The B+G designed the wall projections and lighting to compliment the FAB centerpieces, and really succeeded in making their guests feel like they fell down the rabbit hole. So, bridey, without further ado... Go, be inspired!!  I mean... There's really no way around it! Enjoy!

Whitney! You're SO cute! And I love your t-shirt! Although... A Bitchless Bride t-shirt would have be rockin' on you!

OMG. I can't even... That dress... A MAZ ING!! 

I love W+C's wedding rings and the clever places they ended up!

Chad, that boutonnière is fucking fantastic! Love the flowers and love the watch!

Whitney... This shot is priceless...

Don't they look famous?

Um, that's the ceiling. Just sayin'...

Those are customized, digital place holders and escort cards that light up when guests arrive at the correct table... OMG!! SO SO SO awesome!

I'm seriously obsessed with every.single.centerpiece.

I mean... It's too fucking good. Right? Now, look down!!

Is that not the most amazing wedding cake you've ever seen? Actually, its amongst the most amazing CAKE I've ever seen! The detail is exquisite!

I love everything about this space! The dance floor! The lighting (yeah... the couple designed all of the lighting and wall projections by themselves!)! The décor!! Oh my!

WOW!!! Just, wow!

Whitney, Chad! Thank you for sharing your fun-filled, clever and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Nix Wedding Photography
Venue: The Crest Center & Pavillion
Cake: Just Simply Delicious
Hair & Makeup: Beauty Parade
Flowers: Blossoms at Biltmore Park
Photo Booth: Shutter Hutch Photo Booths + Videography
DJ: Sound Extreme Entertainment

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Mad Little Tea Party Wedding

A canary yellow and lace vintage wedding dress. OMG! Right? Absolutely stunning! I love that Danielle is wearing yellow, and I love that her fabulous yellow dress is tea length; perfect for their high tea dinner reception! Seriously, perfect! Right? So, this wedding was submitted to Bitchless Bride and described as, "...a loose Alice in Wonderland theme with a high tea dinner..." And, a truer description really is not possible. Just wait until you see all of the intricate details. OMG... Danielle and Darryl might have some of the most superb wedding favors/place "cards" I have ever seen!

Bridey, Danielle and Darryl really had the best of of everything. Aside from the beautiful outdoor ceremony, the gorgeous "high tea" dinner reception hosted at a cool ass barn, and the amazing canary yellow wedding dress, D+D are fucking funny. I love how their sense of humor seeps through the photographs, spilling all over the page. It's 100% clear they adore each other and have fun together! I mean, what more can you ask for on your wedding day and for life? Enjoy!
Danielle made her lavender bouquet (and her bridesmaids!) from flowers she got a local farm.
OB SESS ED with the dress and the shoes!
Notice how all of the 'maids are wearing something completely different?!!
Amazing shot!
Some serious personality emanating from this pic!
That's funny!
FAB décor, and totally LOVE the tea cup place cards!!
Thinking this may be a dream bridal party. I have a crush... On ALL of them!
Ha!!! No problem!
Thank you Danielle and Darryl for sharing your truly FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: HRM Photography
Floral Designer: Steed & Co Lavender Farm
Makeup Artist: Alycat Makeup and Hair
Museum: Fanshawe Pioneer Village
Cake: Hey Cupcake!
DJ: Music Central
Caterer: Sticky Pudding

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ I Found Myself in Wonderland... An Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding

Curious? Good! That's the whole idea... "Curiouser and curiouser" was what Crystal and Andrew were going for as part of their Alice in Wonderland theme. And, I have to say, the arch of books, the suspended furniture, and the sideways clock on the wall are so fabulous that I am utterly blown away. Bridey, just wait until you see the deets in this one! O.M.F.G.! Seriously, it's so fucking cool. 

Crystal and Andrew's wedding is the perfect mix of kickass and beautiful. I love how they were able to blend beauty and fantasy into one day; a day that seems to perfectly represent the two of them. Plus, a ton of other goodies that you will see when you explore this FAB wedding! I mean... There are bunnies as part of their centerpieces. BUNNIES!! I know! Right? Enjoy!

Gorgeous headpiece and stunning makeup!I'm seeing red... Just kidding! But, how cool that they met at the Seattle Library for their first look pics?Crystal, you look beautious!! Your dress is AMAZE!!Who needs a floral boutonniere when you cards?DAMN. Show off!Holy GORGE!Oh yeah! Wait a sec, bridey! They are going to flip the space to accommodate the reception! LOVE that the book arch will be used for the whole wedding!