A Sexy and Stylish "Married in the Mud" Styled Shoot

A Sexy and Stylish "Married in the Mud" Styled Shoot

I'm feeling awfully playful today, bridey, which is totally awesome for you, because I am about to share a pretty kickass styled shoot with you. SO awesome, that, like, I.CAN'T.EVEN with the wedding dress, and all of the other delicious details showcased below. Bridey, if you rock some seriously gigantic jewels (I just cannot bring myself to say, "balls" and jewels is all I could come up with...), then I DARE you to be bold enough to wear a damn sexy dress like this on your wedding day. OMG... Can you imagine? I mean... Perhaps you could cover up the tatas with a nude faux bra, but either way, a statement would be made!

A Darky and Moody, 1920s Glam Wedding Inspired Styled Shoot

I have to say, I love when I receive a styled shoot, with a real couple! It adds such a cool element to the overall feel of the photographs! And these two? Well, they love to play dress up! I mean... They love playing dress up so much that when it came time to select their wedding attire, they did so in such a way that they would have many more opportunities and occasions to wear their garb again. For instance? A fucking cool, dark and moody styled shoot.

Bridey, there is so much inspiration encapsulated within this shoot that if you don't walk away with something, you're coo coo! It's such a fun twist on the norm! So, go enjoy!

I'm obsessed with sparkly linen and the pearls! OMG!

Notice the Oujia board? Right? I love that it's not in my face, but it's there!

Yum! I love the dark and delicious, DIY bundt cake! It's definitely a nice marriage between elegant and spooky... 

I had to show this to you again. I think I really need a fork!

Amazing bouquet!

Fabulous hair! LOVE the headpiece

Feel the sparks? And, feel the eeriness of of the surroundings? CREEPY!

Love this shot!!!

Thank you for sharing this amazing styled shoot with Bitchless Bride! I love the spooky sexy combo!

Industry Peeps:
And How! Imaging
Bride: Sophie du Mal
Hair: Hocus Pocus Beauty Boutique
Makeup: Katie-Laine Thornton 
Blue Hair Flower:
Made From Recycled Vinyl Records
Flowers: Petals & Fields
Venue: Amulet Farm

Fantasy Friday ~ A Styled Shoot - Steampunk & Urban Awesomeness

I'm freaking out over this cake! Right? Aren't you? It's so cool, and uber detailed that I can't stand it! I mean... There are dragon flies, keys and gears. Not to mention the magenta(ish) and turquoise colors... WOW! Last year, I posted a fucking amazing steampunk wedding, although instead of a "traditional" steampunk wedding cake, the B+G rocked a dragon... wedding cake. Holy shit! Either way, I'm completely impressed. Seriously, imagine if this (or a dragon) was in the middle of the room, bridey, just staring at your guest?!!! Talk about breaking out of the box! I'd say the box would officially be squashed! 

Bridey, if steampunk isn't your thing, who cares! There is so much inspiration to be taken from this post, steampunk and otherwise. Simply scroll down and be prepared to be whisked away by the insanely vibrant colors, FABULOUS florals, table runner, lighting, gowns, etc.!! Have fun with this one! I totally did!

Love the China and gold flatware!!Airbrushed gears anybody? How awesome is that?!!Bridey, lighting changes everything! Obvi, this is a styled shoot, but look how the pink lighting changes the feel of the space! Imagine what it would do for your wedding?!!!See the table runner? Pages from an old book.Holy shit with the cake! Right? HOLY SHIT!The flowers in this shoot are fucking amazing.WOW! Just, wow! Amazing flowers and is that a lightbulb? Yes it is! Super clever! LOVE IT!I'm kinda obsessed with her turquoise nails and gold jewels!FAB vintage typewriter!Great scene! Dying over the purple wedding dress!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Jayson Mullen Design & Photography

Equipment Rentals: Campbell Tent & Party Rentals

Floral Designer: megan connors floral and styling

Cake Designer: ovenart

Studio Venue: Paulk+Co

Jewelry: Sarah Brobst Designs

Tuxedo & Mens Attire: Savvi Formalwear

DJ: Sequoyah Entertainment

Hair Stylist: Southern Belle Beauty

Dress Store: The Gilded Gown

Heirlooms & Extras: vintage inspirations

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ What Do Steampunk, Japan and Jazz Have in Common? Julia and Ben!

Probably the best part of my job is learning how the bride and groom met. Take Julia and Ben for instance. They are both from the US and yet they met overseas while studying Japan! I mean... How cool is that? I guess that sometimes all you have to do is travel five thousand miles away from home to meet your soul mate! Right? And since the day they met, Julia and Ben have been joint at the hip, so it was no surprise when they began planning their wedding in Julia's home town in Minnesota.

When it came to the wedding plans, they chose Steampunk inspired elements and Victorian costumes from the Guthrie Theatre (1920’s attire to celebrate Julia's family Jazz history). Apparently, her grandfather opened the first integrated jazz club in Roseville, MN which played host to Percy Hughes and Prince Rogers (um, Prince’s Father)!! I'm sorry, but that that's like the coolest thing I have ever heard! I love how Julia and Ben were able to build everything that was important to them into one day; certainly a day they will never forget!

I must admit, the last thing I wanted to do is post anything winter related due to the ridiculously horrid we suffered on the East coast, but this wedding was too good to pass up!!! I mean, just look at those gold Uggs!I love Julia's spunk! Her sense of humor and grace show in every picture!Gorgeous. Just fucking fantastic! Talk about bold and beautiful?!!!!Fucking top hat. LOVE IT!!!!I almost didn't want to show this you this, bridey. Because I am so sick of the snow, but it's too cute to keep it a secret!They rode to the church (and the venue) with a bus driver Ben has worked with for years at the YMCA (Ben's a youth director there).I can't... Julia, I'm no softie, but I totally teared up when I saw this pic! 

Fantasy Friday ~ A Fabulous, Non-Valentine's Day Post

I despise Valentine's Day. Single or married or with some sort of sig other, I have always hated this "holiday". Seriously, it was all I could do to post a Valentine's Day shoot last year (even though I totally loved the pics), so this year I decided to stray away from all the hearts and stupid candy, and show you, brideys, something that I think is so fucking fabulous; something that will make you forget the "norm", and remember that no matter what you do, making your wedding day (and/or bridal shoot) about who you are as a couple is what counts. 

On that note, bridey, enjoy these photographs of Morgan and Taylor as you wolf down your Russel Stover candy, and gaze at your stupid Valentine's Day flowers... And, you're welcome. You're welcome, because I know that you desperately need a break from all of the pink that's puking all over itself today. (Clearly I'm much more bitter about Valentine's Day than I thought!)

Dying over Morgan's dress. Dying over Morgan's headpiece. And I find myself quite curious about Taylor's earings, or ears rather. Can somebody please tell me how you get your lobes that big? SERIOUSLY. I really want to know.Sexy. Fabulous. Pink Lips.Taylor, you are quite honestly, the coolest groom ever.Hey girl... Why don't you come closer?The coolness factor of these two is pretty awesome. I was never that cool, and won't be.Morgan and Taylor, thank you for helping me forget that it's Valentine's Day!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Amy Cloud Photography
Dress: Gateway Bridal
Tux: Decades
Flowers: Soil and Stem