Alternative Wedding

A Dark and Moody, Gothic-ly Fantastic, and Supremely Edgy Styled Shoot


Soooo… I wanted to get into the Halloween spirit without getting super Halloween-y. Because, honestly, as much as I LOVE Halloween, I’m already over it. Why? Well… I’ve already eaten way too much candy, already dressed my kids up one-hundred-fucking-times (before today), and already spent a ton of money on this holiday. So, I’m fucking done. And, I still have to get through trick-or-treating tonight!! UGH. At least there is more candy to be had, and a well hidden flask… Buuuuutttt, I did want to show you, bridey, something dark, moody, edgy and all around amazing on Halloween, and this styled shoot was a happy medium between me + Halloween.

This styled shoot features a STUNNING, tattooed bride in a black wedding dress (YES!!), a totally HOT groom, minus the traditional tux or fancy suite, and absolutely awe-inspiring details, delicious enough to steal for your own wedding. I’m OBSESSED with the décor and how it totally contradicts itself, and basically the entire gloomy yet cool backdrop of an unkept farmhouse. Remember, bridey, this is YOUR wedding! If you see something inspiring (like everything showcased below), then DO something inspiring! Enjoy!


This table is awesome! I love the “royal” chairs paired with the black goblets and gold chargers…


These days, I’m seeing SEVERAL wedding rings that aren’t rockin’ (total pun) a diamond as a center stone. Look how FAB!


Um. Hi. I love your dress. I love your makeup. And, I love everything about these photographs!!


Remember how I said “hot” groom? Yeah…


Seriously!!! That black wedding dress is truly fantastic!


STFU with the fur!!! OMG.

Beth Melvin.001.jpeg

A giant “thank you” to Bethany Melvin for sharing this Halloween alternative, styled shoot, for me to present today on Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Bethany Melvin Photography
Dress Designer: Nicole Miller
Invitation Designer: b.invited
Event Designer: Walker Down the Aisle
Jewelry: Sticks & Steel
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: JH & Sons
Hair + Makeup: Sabreena Frances
Floral Designer: Elaborations
Equipment Rentals: Ideal Wedding and Events

A Rustically Colorful, Smashingly Romantic and "Foxy", Winter Wedding


I'd like to introduce you to Rose + Eric, otherwise known as Ms. Rabbit + Mr. Fox. I'm not going to lie, I truly love it when couples have pet names for each other (my hus and I have a few names for each other, but definitely not is cool (or nice for that matter)!). And, in this case, I mean "pet" in the literal sense of the word! It all started because, one day, as these two were enjoying a lovely day in town, they spotted a red fox (um, holy shit!), something extremely rare in such an urban setting. Considering that Rose grew up in the woods, she took this "fox spotting" as a spiritual sign that it was time to tell Eric she loved him. So, she did. And, that is how it all began... From then on, Eric was the fox and she was the rabbit.

Anyway, bridey, I dare you to take this opportunity to be inspired! Don't be afraid to incorporate amazing attributes from other cultures into your wedding. R+E's wedding is exceptionally electrifying; inspired by Indian saree's and African colors. A MAZ ING, right?? And why not? There are no rules, just two people planning a day that symbolizes who they are together, and what they will be in the future. (Wow! That was deep!) Plus, there were several DIY aspects included throughout the wedding making it that much more personal and meaningful. Take a peek at Rose's shawl + the groom's tie. They were crafted by the Rose's mom. But, what I love the most (aside from the exquisite color, delicately beautiful wedding dress, DIY elements and every bit of décor)? Rose + Eric are clearly passionate for one another, and didn't go for broke to express that love and adoration. Enjoy!!!

Smiley Ross.001.jpeg

That's definitely the greatest look ever...


STFU with those dimples, Eric! So dashing!

Smiley Ross.002.jpeg

Rose, there is something entirely angelic about you. You are incredibly stunning!


Are you DY ING over the all of the color? I totally am!!


Hot damn, that bouquet is absolutely splendid!


Totally love that Rose is barefoot!

Smiley Ross.005.jpeg

Such a FAB shot!!! 

Smiley Ross.006.jpeg

Let's go do this!!!


There is so much emotion captured in this shot. Seriously, look at each of their faces... Plus, I LOVE the amazing colors!

Smiley Ross.007.jpeg

Sexy. Passionate.

Smiley Ross.008.jpeg

Love the décor! Take a closer look at the mug.

Smiley Ross.009.jpeg

Love love love the mural!!


Thank you Ms. Rabbit + Mr. Fox for sharing your exuberant wedding with Bitchless Bride! I love everything about it!!! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: XSIGHT Productions
Location: Winters Community Center
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Totally Awesome, Insanely Cool, Rockabilly Tennessee Wedding


Bridey, when I tell you that David's first look reaction is amongst the most incredible, emotional and straight out gut-wrenching reaction I've EVER seen in person and on Bitchless Bride, believe me. When I tell you that Holly + David are madly in love, and created a wedding entirely representative of that love, believe me. When I tell you that YOU too can create a wedding that is entirely about you and your sig other, believe me. Whatever you are doing that doesn't feel like it is about the two of you, stop. Remember that you can and deserve to have a wedding which represents who you are together. Just scroll down for proof of that sentiment.

Bridey, this wedding will absolutely blow your mind. I'm OB SES SED with this backyard throw down party filled with raw emotion, tons of delicious treats, WAFFLES and a l'il debauchery. H+D definitely know how to throw a party! But, beyond the party, it's apparent that these two belong with each other and put together a celebration symbolic of their love. You should try it.... I give you permission to have the wedding you want and to be has happy as Holly + David. Enjoy!

Jackson Walker.001.jpeg

I needed you to have a close u of this STUN NING dress. OMFG.


You're gonna love her by the end of this post...

Jackson Walker.003.jpeg

Damn girl, you are beautiful!


Are you ready for this? David is already wiping away tears and he hasn't even seen Holly yet!

Jackson Walker.004.jpeg

Right? Are you crying right now? Go get a tissue...



Jackson Walker.006.jpeg

Holly, that dress fits you like a glove! Your bod is smokin' hot!


<3 this...


Can you hear it? It seriously came to life for me when I saw this pic!

Jackson Walker.007.jpeg
Jackson Walker.008.jpeg
Jackson Walker.009.jpeg


Jackson Walker.010.jpeg

I want to be sandwiched in-between these two pictures! Candy, cupcakes and cake, oh my!!


Look how warm and inviting H+D's wedding is!


Fucking WAFFLES people!!! 

Jackson Walker.012.jpeg

He looks like somebody I'd like to have some whiskey with, right??


Right? Don't you LOVE her? And them together!! I wonder...


Thank you for sharing your incredibly emotional and fabulous day with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Wilde Company

Christmas Might be Over, But the Inspiration Doesn't Have to Be!


See those rose gold sequins? Aren't they gorgeous? I've seriously been obsessed with everything rose gold these days. You too? And this styled shoot? Well, let's just say that there is PLENTY to be obsessed with, starting with the rose gold, sequined wedding dress! Yup! A rose fucking gold wedding dress!! Did your mind just go crazy for a sec? Did you start daydreaming about wearing a rose gold wedding dress? I did! Right? Because it's sensational. And the rest of the details throughout this dreamy post? So cool. Just wait until you see the kickass flowers, delish Moscow Mules and the sweets! OMFG, the sweets! The cake! SO rockstar!

Bridey, this shoot embodies what I call winter warmth. Are there some Christmasy elements? Sure, but it's so fabulous because it reminds us that while Christmas might be over (Um, thank God... I was so done!!) it's still okay and pretty awesome to incorporate muted components of Christmas into a winter wedding. They don't have to be in your face to be beautiful, and these elements will add so much texture to the décor. Anyway... Enjoy this post, and be sure to pull some super cool inspiration for your wedding! 

Breeanna Kay.003.jpeg

Wow! LOVE the invitations! And even though it's early, I'm craving a Moscow Mule. 


See what I mean about the rose gold sequined dress? Totally amazing!

Breeanna Kay.002.jpeg
Breeanna Kay.004.jpeg

Lush. That's the only word I can think of to describe these flowers. Right?!

Breeanna Kay.005.jpeg
Breeanna Kay.006.jpeg
Breeanna Kay.007.jpeg
Breeanna Kay.008.jpeg

So, I don't know if these two are a couple in real life, but if they aren't then I'm thinking they should consider it! There is such heat here!!


See the heat?!! Hand on ass. That's all. 

Breeanna Kay.011.jpeg

Mouth.watering. So simple, and the color of the fruit is just popping off of this cake.


Yeah. Had to show you a close-up!! You know me and my obsession with cake!

Breeanna Kay.013.jpeg

Thank you for sharing this exquisite styled shoot with Bitchless Bride! It's refreshingly fantastic! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Breeanna Kay Photography
Invitation Designer: Megan Visel 
Makeup Artist: Motives by Loren Ridinger
Hair Stylist: Jessica's Shear Madness Salon
Caterer: Live Great Foods
Floral Designer: Just Imagine Floral 
Location: The Mill Events 
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A Micro-Wedding Rockin' Some Big Love and Smashingly Awesome Deets!


I fucking LOVE this photograph. Like LOVE.IT. I love it because it's obviously filled with raw emotion, but I love it even more because Missy + John have been married for five years and have kids together and STILL look at each other like this. Hot damn! YAAAASSSSSS! I don't know what your situation is bridey, but no matter what anybody tells you about having kids, your marriage will 100% come last for a little while, and to still emanate such passion and love is a big deal. 

This micro-wedding/vow renewal/styled shoot was dreamt up by the FAB Christina Campbell of Nina Lily Photography. Christina met M+J in 2010 to shoot their impending nuptials, but life had a different story in mind... A baby. So, Missy and John decided on a civil ceremony instead of the large wedding they had initially planned. By happenstance, Christine and Missy kept running into each other and these chance meetings laid the groundwork for this amazingly awesome idea to create "real" wedding pics for such a lovely couple. Bridey, go! Go get inspired by this lush and delicious micro-wedding, vow renewal and styled shoot! 

Bridey, aren't you already in love with the surroundings?



Nina Lily.002.jpeg

Is that not the most beautiful bouquet you've ever seen?

Nina Lily.003.jpeg

Look at them, bridey! And, take note! They have kids together, and still clearly adore one another! Sometimes that is easier said than done!

Nina Lily.006.jpeg

Sniff. Sniff.

Nina Lily.007.jpeg

This pic gets me too... So raw and so beautiful.


So so so gorgeous! LOVE all of the greenery and color!!

I'm kinda obsessed with this one... Love the angle of the shot.


A MAZ ING dress! And the jewels too!

Nina Lily.012.jpeg

Like, seriously, bridey... Absorb and aspire to achieving THIS in your marriage!!

Nina Lily.013.jpeg

Thank you Missy + John (and Christina) for sharing a glimpse into your world with Bitchlesss Bride! You are an inspiration to brides everywhere!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerNina Lily Photography
Invitation Designer: Honeybliss Design
Cake Designer: Kitchen Chemistry
Makeup Artist: Meraki Beauty
Hair Stylist: Apotheca Salon
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Topman 
Dress Store: David's Bridal
Jewelry: L2 Creations
Equipment Rentals: Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals
Floral Designer: Allium Design
Officiant: Alisa Tongg
Event Venue: The Living Wall at Promise Ridge

A Truly Stunning Steampunk Wedding at The California State Railroad Museum


Dana + John's steampunk wedding oozes with sexy-awesome-fantastic. Bridey, I just had to use a combination of three adjectives because I was way too indecisive to stick with one word. I mean, just look at that pic! Right? Not only is Dana's whole ensemble is truly A MAZ ING (OMG... Are you as completely in love with her hair as I am?!!), but, she and John are so damn steamy! Like hot for teacher steamy! Right?? Not exactly sure who she's calling in this photo, but it's probably super important! 

Anyway, bridey, the décor + the venue are a perfect match here. The California State Railroad Museum combined with the steampunk aesthetic is totally spectacular! Seriously, just wait until you see the red velvet skeleton heads! Yup! You read that right! RED VELVET SKELTON HEADS! Oh my! Even if steampunk isn't your thing, there are so many inspirational details captured in this cool and kickass wedding that I'd be surprised if you didn't walk away with at least ten things you want to incorporate into your wedding day! So go scroll, and get inspired!


OMFG. Check out that black lace and jewel encrusted bouquet! Simply amazing! And those boots? WHOA!!!

Harriman + Vickers.002.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.003.jpeg

Dana you are so fucking gorgeous + sexy!

Harriman + Vickers.004.jpeg

Hello handsome John! You look quite dapper in that hat!

Harriman + Vickers.005.jpeg

WOW! Best first look pic!!!

Harriman + Vickers.006.jpeg

Can we just talk about how A MAZ ING Dana's wedding dress is? And that fucking fantastic red velvet jacket?

Harriman + Vickers.007.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.008.jpeg

So sexy.

Harriman + Vickers.010.jpeg

This venue is absolutely tremendous! It has nineteen steam locomotives and the guests had the opportunity to wander freely throughout the evening.


Totally obsessed with the velvet skeleton heads! 

Harriman + Vickers.012.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.011.jpeg

Décor. Décor. Décor. It's all in the décor ladies and gentlemen! 

Harriman + Vickers.013.jpeg


Harriman + Vickers.014.jpeg

Thank you Dana + John for sharing your cool and unique wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerXSIGHT Productions
Ceremony Location: The California State Railroad Museum
Hair + Makeup: I Make Beautiful
Getting Ready: The Citizen Hotel 
Event Planner: Fearon May Events


A Magical Disney Wedding Rockin' Amazing Purple Hair, Kick Ass Shoes and Some Seriously FAB Décor!


I wish I could draw in a speech bubble coming from Ray's mouth. I mean, I could, but I don't want to destroy the integrity of this fantastic photograph. And it really is FANTASTIC, right? So, bubbling in "Fuck yeah!" probably won't do it the justice I was aiming for, would it? Nope, so I am simply telling you what I want to do instead of doing what I want to do (a huge step for me btw...). And actually, I don't have to do either because Ray is doing it for me. And Krystle, the cool-ass bride with the pink and purple locks, is 100% feeling it too... 

Bridey, this wedding is a complete mixture of cool meets Disney. Seriously, Krystle and Ray rock some superb style, and that style, connected with the awesomeness that is Disney is captured in every frame. And as a fun side note, the B+G's combined name is "Kray". So, obviously, they had to run with it and came up with the phrase, "Kray ever after". It's too good, right? 

Ganotsi Quengua.001.jpeg

Notice the jewels? I'm completely in love with them. 

Ganotsi Quengua.002.jpeg

Just stunning. I love everything about Krystle's bouquet!

Ganotsi Quengua.004.jpeg

Holy fuck with the hair! I am envious and jealous all in one!



Ganotsi Quengua.003.jpeg


Ganotsi Quengua.006.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.007.jpeg

I wasn't just talking about Krystle's kick ass shoes! I was talking about Ray's kick ass shoes too! Check 'em out!

Ganotsi Quengua.008.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.009.jpeg

Loving the floral installation...

Ganotsi Quengua.010.jpeg

I mean, holy fucking shit with the "Kray Ever After". So many fabulous double meanings.

Ganotsi Quengua.011.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.012.jpeg

The cake is awesome and not overdone! I love the Swiss Mickey Mouse dots!


Thank you Krystle + Ray, aka, "KRAY", for sharing your fantastic Disney wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

DJ: Audio Zone DJ
Professional: Bruddah Bryan
Linens, Coverings + Floral Designer: C and C Silk Flowers
Reception Venue: Hale Koa Hotel
Cake: Hale Koa Hotel
Beauty: Reniel May Saludez
Cinema + Video: Small Hour Films
Ceremony Location: St. Augustine by the Sea

A Super Stylish, Super Rock 'N Roll, Orpheum Theater Wedding

Bridey, there is definitely a lot to take in when gazing at the photograph above. Aside from Geoffrey's totally adorable grin, I am completely and utterly sucked into Kari's gold, sparkly wedding dress. Right? Whenever a bride is ballsy enough to break out of the white dress norm, I find myself overcome with joy and even envy (and a strong desire to own said wedding dress)! OMG... Just wait until you see her shoes! Wait... Fuck it! Just look down!! WOW! Kari totally rocked some seriously delicious CLBs!

Anyway... See the curtain behind the B+G? That curtain opens up to a stage, a stage in which Kari and Geoffrey are going to be married. I mean... How fucking cool is that? I love how dramatic that feels! And, bridey, the stage is only the half of it. The décor and the venue are so badass and fun that you're going to be swimming in inspiration! So, grab your towel, and emerge yourself in this super stylish and completely phenomenal wedding.

Um. Hi. A MAZ ING shoes. Love love love those CLBs!!


OMFG... Gorgeous bracelet, kickass nails and an incredible engagement ring!!!

WOW, Kari... That dress!! You look smokin' hot! 

Geoffrey, you look quite dapper in that black tux!! You're always so happy, too! LOVE it!!

Is this venue not sensational? Not only are the B+G are getting married on stage, but the décor is truly beautiful... The black and gold are FAB!

Such a great "view", right? I mean, Kari + Geoffrey used the space so thoughtfully...

Doesn't this pic scream glamorous?

As a planner, it really makes me happy when I see smiling guests. I know, I know... So lame, but true.

FAB cake!!!

I would have loved to dance at this wedding!

Thank you Kari + Geoff for sharing your awesome wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer:  Ueda Photography
Event Venue: The Orpheum Theater, Madison

A Styled Shoot so Fucking Awesome that You'll be Green with Envy...

OMG, bridey... Are you completely obsessed with the nails? Particularly the dude... Right? Like, I'm so obsessed that can't take my eyes off of his shiny, black and nearly perfect claws! Damn! I wish mine could look like his!! And, then there's the apple green martini with a lime and blackberry garnish. Totally drooling over here (and it's like 10 in the morning!). I seriously don't know which I want more! Black and FAB nails? Or the green martini!

Bridey, this styled shoot is so fucking awesomely badass (is that proper English?!!) that I really can't wait to share it with you! Mixed into this stunningly cool styled shoot are some insanely beautiful and creative elements that you can easily incorporate into your wedding theme/design. Personally, I usually don't love green, but today? I am enamored with it! I need it. I have to have it! Seriously, I LOVE the green satin linen with the black charger plates, and the incredible flower installation rockin' some black calla lilies (um, holy shit!). And, the cake. Wow!! That cake is so fantastic that even I don't want to eat it because then you'd have to cut into it! Anyway... I could really go on and on, so let me shut up so that you can scroll away! Enjoy!!

STFU! Love the car! Love the B+G! Love the dress!!

Welcome! Can I tempt you with a cocktail? (Notice the green lipstick?!)

See what I mean, bridey? A MAZ ING! So so so cool and unique!

Close up of the booze! 

Are you freaking out over the bouquet? I am!!

I mean... Too cool and beautiful to cut!!

I love how the cake is displayed. The vases underneath add a really distinguished element of beauty. 

Um. The head is on the fish. That's all.

That black dress is phenomenal!!

Thank you to all of the fucking amazing DFW vendors for sharing this styled shoot with Bitchless Bride. I love it so much!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Lyncca Harvey Photography
Venue: 7 For Parties
Event Planner & Designer: The I DO Girl Weddings & Events
Models: Mina Vang & Steven Rogers
Paper Goods: Love Betty Design
Flowers: Sharp Event Design + Lighting
Hair + Makeup: Rosie's Artistry
Linens: Ducky Bob's
Dress Designer: Winnie Couture
Cake: Delicious Cakes
Caterer: Wendy Krispin Caterer
Entertainment: Rod Baker, DFW Parties
Transportation: Blue Diamond Limousines 
Drink Service: Bravo Entertainment

An Out of This World, Geektastic, Beautifully Unique, Outdoor Wedding

I think it's obvious, bridey, based on the ceremony program alone, that you're going to like Lindsay and Nathanael. I love that they know exactly who they are, and can completely make fun of themselves. Plus, I love how they are taking care of their guests by providing chocolate right off the bat. Annnndddd.... I love the colors. With all of that awesomeness out of the way, but tons more to come (imagine the cake...), let me tell you a thing or two about the B+G, and their kickass wedding. Lindsay, the bride, did not wear white. She did not wear black. Girl wore a fantastic teal light-up dress. Yes. A light-up dress! OMFG!! I can't... And, Nathanael? Dude totally wore a clip-on blinking tie.

Aside from the bells and whistles (quite literally), L+N seriously rocked their wedding day. With a special kind of photo booth, an insanely awesome and creative wedding cake, super unique décor and a guest list that did not disappoint, this could be one of my fave weddings ever. I love how they stayed true to themselves while at the same time managed to break out of the wedding mold... Bridey, enjoy!!

OMG. I am completely obsessed with the jewels!

Yes! That's fucking awesome!

Lindsay... You're beautiful! Totally love the birdcage veil! And, your dress, your hair and your cleavage are absolutely amazing!

I can't... It's too FAB!

Love the bouquet!

You know... Just Luigi (as in Mario and Luigi), the ring bearer! Got to love a l'il cosplay at a wedding!

Such a stunning ceremony venue!


The colors are really incredible!

Hi. That's the wedding cake! It's a Minecraft wedding cake!

Def my first time seeing a grand entrance through a Stargate!

 First dance was to The Rainbow Connection...

Cheers to the B+G!!

Fuckin' chicken and waffles! OMG! YES! LOVE it!!

It's about to get even sexier... Look down! 

S'mores! And, s'mores with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?? STFU! Delish!

Awwww...  l love that they went back to where they said their vows... Thank you for sharing your FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Melissa Miksch Photography
Venue: DeLack Estate
DJ: Adam's DJ Service
Caterer: Blue Ribbon Cooking
Event Planner: Blush Celebrations
Apparel: Poppy Seed Roll Apparel
Photo Booth: Shutter Bus Co.
Rings: Paul Michael Design

A Super Cool, Super Colorful, Retro Inspired Arizona Wedding

You know that saying that says you can "judge a man by how he treats his mother"? Well, I find that you can pretty much judge anybody based on how they treat animals. Right? Well, bridey, when you see the invitations and the wedding cake, you'll totally know that Denise and Jeremy are standup peeps. Besides their generosity to animals, they are clearly a cool couple based solely on their wedding décor and stylish taste. I'm completely obsessed with the flowers, colorful place settings, retro furniture and kickass lighting!

And, OMG! Bridey... I seriously cannot get enough of Denise's bouquet. Once this post is live, I am going to pin the shit out it. It's amongst the coolest bouquet I've seen on Bitchless Bride! No joke!! Anyway, there are piles and piles of incredible wedding inspiration for you to gnaw on... So, go for it! Enjoy!

Denise and Jeremy have too much stuff, so in lieu of gifts, they asked that their guests bring cans of pet food to be donated to a local shelter. Sniff. Sniff. Such a FAB idea!

And your little dog too...


Holy shit! That's unbelievable!!

Super dapper couple!

Gorgeous location for a ceremomy!

Denise, it's official. You're absolutely stunning!

Such fabulous vibrant colors! 

Amazing colors!Amazing lighting!!

Why have one cake when you can have two? Look down!

Thank you Denise and Jeremy for sharing your cool ass wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Ben and Kelly Photography
Event Planner: Meant2Be Events
Invitation Designer: Be In Love Designs
Reception Venue: Hotel Valley Ho
Lighting: Karma Lighting
Floral Designer: Kate Ryan Design
Officiant: Pastor Randy Williams
Cake Designer: Piece of Cake Desserts Bakery

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Tattoo Rockin', Cake Smashing, Vintage Wedding

I'm kinda obsessed with this photograph. Right? So fun and so personal... I mean... If this shot doesn't tell you a little bit about the B+G, Beesh and Chad, then open your eyes, bridey! Because, clearly this is a couple that likes to have fun, and doesn't take themselves too seriously. And, are you totally dying over Beesh's ensemble? I LOVE her dress, the veil, the black shoes and her jewels! Chad, you're adorable too, but Beesh definitely steals the show! (And, one day, my hair will be that color!!)

What I love most about Beesh and Chad's wedding is that their personalities shine through in almost every single photograph. It's apparent that they are having a fantastic time, enjoying their guests and most importantly, enjoying each other. And, isn't that what a wedding should be about; enjoying the person you're marrying? Yes!!!!!

Beesh! Your eyes look gorgeous! And that bouquet is FAB!I love a tea length wedding dress.Such a fun first look shot!So super cute...Seriously. The dress, the shoes, the birdcage veil... Oh my!Stick 'em up!To say that this cake is fucking amazing would be an understatement.Okay... Creepy awesome!Don't worry, Chad gets her back! Look down!Beautiful shot of the MOH!OMG! Favors that people actually like!!! Beesh! Chad! Totally in love with your wedding! Thanks for sharing with BB!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Smyer Image
Museum/Venue: Eccles Community Art Center
Wedding Cake: Salt Cake City
Jewelry: Schubach Jewelers